Monday, October 15, 2007

Civil Wars, Genocide and Politics

I really didn't think the Democrats in Congress could figure out a way to force the cessation of the war in Iraq. Actually I don't think they really did but their insistence in bringing a resolution forward stating the end result of a civil war that we had no part in should be designated a genocide may just accomplish it for them.

Yes. The Turks and the Armenians had a civil war back in the early 1900s. Some ninety years ago. The massive resulting deaths has stuck in the craw of both sides ever since. Turkey says its the price of war, the Armenians - genocide. Why the rush for a resolution now? I wonder if the Armenian community of contributors in Speaker Pelosi's district is so lucrative they must be obeyed no matter the cost.

Remember the Bosnians versus the Serbs? Civil war and genocide. Darfur? Civil war and genocide. Iraq?? Civil war and genocide. Are we passing resolutions on these? Heck, we won't even get involved in Darfur and it's happening now!

As is Iraq. To make matters worse the Kurds in northern Iraq have gotten overly frisky and the Turks want to have a few little cross border skirmishes to pull them back in line. And you're worried about Iran? Whew!

Civil war and genocide. Not a pretty picture when or where ever it happens. Our military is smack dab in the middle of a bunch of it and we want to take the perpetrators to task?

The Turks have threatened to cut off our supply lines to Iraq and the rest of the war torn regions we access from within their borders and air space. All because we find it timely to call them on an event from 90 years past.

Well. Without the Turks, we won't be able to keep the troops supplied. It will make getting them out even more difficult.

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. Just look at the ones in this post. What more can an untimely Congressional resolution add?

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