Thursday, October 18, 2007

Say What??

Bacchus shot me another one of those looks last night when hearing that the owners of Mutts and Moms had given Iggy the pooch to yet another family. Yep. Once again, what can they be thinking?

I scratched his ears as he settled at my feet and told him that they weren't. Thinking.

The absurdity of the situation has astounded me. Okay. We understand that Ellen DeGeneres erred by not reading the contract regarding the adoption of her pooch, Iggy. We understand Marina Batkis, owner of Mutts and Moms, was incensed that DeGeneres gave the dog to her hairdresser's two young girls after finding Iggy and her cats were incompatible. And we understand that for some unfathomable reason that unleashed some irrational behavior, Ms. Batkis took the dog from the two girls and gave it to yet another family.

The story is bazaar. Having lived in the L.A. area for too many years, I'm not surprised nor shocked by bizarre behavior. There is good reason the area is know as "The Land of the Fruits, the Nuts and the Flakes". Taking on the behavior of a Paris Hilton or a Britney Spears is one thing. It is insanity to take on one of tinsel town's most popular celebrities who was trying to do a good deed, a couple of kids and a dog.

What drove this point home was the number of hits I got yesterday. A phenomenal number. Curious, because the post was just a minor rant, I dug into my stats to see what was happening. Better than 90% of those hits had come from Google searches on Ms. Batkis' name. They came from all over the country and the world. I couldn't believe it!

I did a Google search myself to see what was going on and clicked on a few of the stories. It was there I learned of the death threats, the threats of violence, the shutting down of certain web sites, some for content, others because of volume.

I see by the stories coming out again today Ms. Batkis is still combative. Hello, lady? Do you have any gray matter? You've hoisted yourself on your own petard! It's your ugliness toward Ms. DeGeneres that has put you in this position. It is your ugliness toward the two young girls. And it is your ugly attitude that you know better than anyone what's best for Iggy.

I should suggest you are not suited for the work you have chosen. You show no compassion, you show no common sense. Easy when you don't have to answer to anyone other than yourself.

All I can say to those who have threatened you is let it go. You're doing nothing more than lowering yourself to her level. As Ms. DeGeneres has said, the controversy has gotten out of hand. It will play out in time when cooler heads prevail.

I was going to say I wish I got as much attention on my blog when I wrote about issues of importance. Then I thought, this is important. Two little girls have had their hearts broken and don't understand why. And Iggy. He'd just like a home where he will be loved. Not tossed about like a hot potato because someone's nose is out of joint.

Okay. I 'm going to go get a hug. From my Saint Bernard. He knows what's best for me!

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Word Tosser said...

That was vindictive... to give to another family altogether...
it is about the dog ...Ms. Batkis,...not you..