Monday, December 03, 2007

It's Time To Get A Grip!

Okay. Naming this little guy anything should not warrant 40 lashes nor death. I don't care what your culture or so called religion.

Isn't it time we take stock of these Islamic nations that seize upon any opportunity to scare the living daylights out of civilized nations? Isn't it time we get smarter in our dealings with them? They war with one another, they have a disturbing hatred of all things female unless its for pleasure or child bearing. For what? To carry on their view of how the world should be. Yet we enmesh ourselves with them. If we impose "democracy" upon them all will be well. It won't. When will we learn?

British school teacher Gillian Gibbons escaped Sudan with her life. Barely. Because she allowed her class to name a Teddy bear "Mohammed". Teddy Roosevelt must be rolling over in his grave.

For her sake, I'm glad cooler heads prevailed rather than the ones of the mad men swaggering around in front of the TV cameras, clamoring for her life.

On the other hand, she has to bear part of the blame. Any westerner, infidel, that goes into an Islamic country and even thinks the name "Mohammed", what's more utters it is putting themselves at risk. As a Brit she should be far more aware of this than, say an American. They've dealt with it in their own country far longer and more closely than we have.

It's time the people who go into those regions to do good works, go in informed. This goes for the agencies who send them, also. If they don't already know, they need training. Ignorance carries no weight.

We worry about our borders. It's getting more and more difficult for our own citizens to cross them going in or out. Various plans are being put forth to virtually close them down.

Maybe we have the wrong target. When I read stories like this one about a school teacher, or about a woman gang raped who is sentenced to 200 lashes while the men get no more than jail time I wonder if it would be less expensive and more effective to fence off their borders so they can't get out!

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Paul @ Elders Tribune said...

I totally agree that we should NOT impose "democracy" on them, or anyone for that matter. If a dictator is abusing his power (*Kim Jong-il*), then yes, capable nations should do something about it. Human rights need to be enforced. But having believes (i.e. religion or political) are our rights too. So imposing "democracy" on others for no reason is just another form of conquering. Just because we think democracy is better doesn't make it right. That's just our belief.