Thursday, December 27, 2007

Motivate Or Bloviate?

Just when you think things are cut and dried something happens on the world stage to upset the apple cart! Today it's the assassination of Benizar Bhutto. The far reaching consequences will be reflected in our own Presidential politics.

Two things I'll be watching very carefully over the next several news cycles. How the candidates try to spin it to their advantage and how much the media allows them to do so.

The argument up until now has hovered around experience versus judgement; new direction versus the same old thing. If experience is of the utmost importance, do any of the front runners qualify? Actually the second tier fares better. One would have to look seriously at Bill Richardson. He has actual "hands on" experience. How novel.

As far s identifying problem areas one would have to look at Joe Biden. He has been articulating the problems in Pakistan from day one but no one seems to be paying attention. Perhaps they will now!

Judgement? Obama has been given the edge in this area. To me the jury is still out. I'll be interested in what he has to say today; what his thoughts are and how well he presents them. Is there leadership there?

Experience? Hillary? It's time to get serious as to what the definition of experience is. Not the Clintonian version of residing in the White House. Rudy? The public relations campaign after 9/11 that has elevated him into being the only one who can be tough on terror? I don't think so.

The last person I want to see heading our government is a President who achieved office by exaggerating his or her credentials. I don't want a person behind whose back the real strong arm leaders will roll their eyes, smirk a bit then follow protocol, sigh "Ho Hum", pat him or her on the head then go about their business doing whatever they darn well please.

This is my worst nightmare.


Betty said...

I have been saying that I thought Richardson had the most experience in foreign policy, and Biden, too. In my opinion, these two and Chris Dodd should be the front runners, but they talk about things that voters apparently don't want to hear. As a country, we are far too self-involved to be very concerned about other countries' problems. Too bad.

Word Tosser said...

We need some one who is on top of the real issues for here and our approach to the other countries...
Not who is gay, who is more religious, not I know more than others, when we know they don't. And not the most money that can buy the position