Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Winter Solstice Has Passed

Even though the white stuff is falling as I write this, the days are getting longer; the season's celebrations, whatever they may be, are about over. New Year's Eve remains but that's another topic.

With all the hoo ha about Christmas and politics this year, I got to thinking about what it all means and how it all began. I've concluded that this time of year is nothing more a compilation of secular and theocratic customs and celebrations that have occurred for centuries and over time pretty much melded together. The only given is the solstice itself and even the date of that varies. I'm going to be much more comfortable in the coming years letting people celebrate it for what it means to them. If it's partying and presents, so be it. That's valid. If it's the symbolic date of the birth of Christ, that too is valid. So too for Jewish, Muslim and a whole multitude of other celebrations. So for you purists who think a decorated tree should not be in a public place or a manger scene, get over it. It's the great melting pot time of year. Celebrate your way and let others celebrate theirs. You'll feel so much better!

Now that's out of my system, I look back on my year. It was pretty good on the whole. I made new friends, mended some bridges with others and lost a dear one. I had a visit from family members not often seen. I met a fellow blogger from Arizona. I was asked contribute to a book and review another. I had my first and last foray into local politics. I was not in another auto accident. Physical therapy is down to once a month. My family enjoys good health and happiness and my dog still loves me. Not bad.

So here we go into one last week. Snow is forecast everyday. And I don't mean from the politicians campaigning. I think I've even come to terms with that. Whatever will be, will be.

I will, however, still have opinions!


Camllia Underhill said...

"I will however, still have opinions".

And thank the good heavens for that!

Word Tosser said...

The top part is called Tolerance... which people should get a life and have tolerance..
But yes, by all means... have opinions...