Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Behavior Unbecoming

The Democratic debate last night was ugly. The stakes are high and the campaigning continues to slide toward the lowest common denominator. This is what we endure to elect our President. These are the participants from which we must choose. No wonder this country is in such a mess.

A few things are really beginning to bother me. Bill for one. I understand a spouse campaigning. I question whether it is appropriate for a former President. Especially when he talks more about himself and his accomplishments then why his wife would make a good chief executive. I especially dislike his nastiness when he trashes her opposition.

But then he is not running. Or is he? I'm beginning to wonder if Hillary would have any chance at all without him. Is it the strength of his opinions or merely his star power? It certainly isn't her charisma. Is it her ideas? Her stimulus package isn't worth squat unless she gets off the campaign trail and returns to the Senate to fight for it now! The need will be long passed by the time the next President takes office.

Her universal health care program? Just how does she propose to pay for it? A small detail. I'd like to hear it explained.

The talking heads have been speculating non-stop about how much of a role Bill will play in a Hillary administration. It should be a concern. How will he be controlled and what damage is he likely to do because of his ego? He has already made it known to fellow Democrats who have asked him to tone down the rhetoric against Obama that he has no intention of doing so. His ego tells him he is all knowing. He's the man.

His rhetoric indicates they are still worried about Obama. Edwards, I doubt, will become the alternative to Hillary. The numbers just aren't there.

He does himself little good, however, in siding with Hillary in hammering Obama on his Illinois Sentate voting record. Obama voted "present" 130 time while in the Illinois Senate. They gave him little chance to explain it was a way to open the door for tweaking legislation. Not a "no" vote. Hillary and Edwards didn't want you to hear how the Illinois Senate works.

Edwards, did point out that in the U.S. Sentate you can do one of three things. Vote yes, no, or don't show up. He didn't show up for 311 (15%) votes. Hillary missed 103 votes or 23.3%. Want to know what votes she missed? Here's the link .

Rather like the pots calling the kettle black (pun not intended), don't you think?

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Word Tosser said...

Candidates are suppose to debate each other not their spouse. It shows me that Bill doesn't have faith in his wife to fight her own battles. This is going along with the power plan they have...dating 30 years ago... but he is running defense for her. No other spouse is doing that. What is going to happen when she has to deal with heads of state of other countries? Is she going to send him over?
Also didn't like the lost of tempers between Obama and Hil.. talking over each other.. didn't do either one of them any good.