Saturday, January 26, 2008

Now THIS Would Be "Change"

This teaser was on the Drudge report this morning, " Bill Clinton: McCain And Hillary Are 'Very Close'... Race 'would be the most civilized election in American history'... "

As the saying goes, if you believe that I've got some property to sell...

I'm probably writing this a day early but since I haven't ranted much this week I feel the urge to resume. It will probably be a fruitful weekend.

There is a lot going on the voting public does not seem to be concerned about. Maybe it's a generational thing, but I am puzzled. I'm watching a former President who was well on his way to redeeming his image with his Global Initiative, self-destruct. He has reverted to the gutter politics he was so well known for during his own heyday. Members of his own administration and his own party have been admonishing him. He thumbs his nose at them. As of yet it does not seem to be adversely affecting Hillary. I do not understand it.

Why do we not understand if we elect her we get him? Why would we possibly want that?

I am watching the Clinton campaign tear down a candidate who happens to be black by making him over into a black candidate. Why are voters of any ethnic background, religion or color allowing this to happen? Why is there no outrage at the indecency of the tactic. Why is there not more comparison of their accusations against Obama compared with their own ethical behavior? Fundraising is a prime example. The outrage over Obama/Rezko; where is the outrage over Clinton/Hseu? Where is a responsible press? Why don't we care?

Why too is it that women are so loyal to Hillary? Especially those of my generation? We, of all women, should have learned by now that electing a woman for that reason alone is a slippery slope. If the wrong one is elevated to the power point it will take years to recover. This business about "sisterhood" is nonsense. It should be about ability and integrity above all else; male or female. I don't see that Hillary gets high marks for either. Sitting in the Senate, one of 100, does not provide the "experience" she claims to have any more than being first lady.

Isn't it time we judge the candidates on their merit rather than how well the opposition has honed it's "swift boating" skills? I'd hate to see Obama eliminated because of this.

Things are not much better on the Republican side. The negative campaigning is ramping up. The candidates, to me, are less than inspiring. I also think Bush (Republican) fatigue will be a factor.

McCain versus Clinton. Civil? Don't hold your breath. The Clinton's don't know the meaning of the word. McCain, as the maverick, brings little of substance to the table. Clinton, as the entitltled, I would expect to bring the country to it's knees (aren't we already there?) with her "my way or I'll destroy you" attitude. Haven't we had enough?

The results of today's primary in South Carolina will be interesting. Sunday morning pundits will be analyzing, for what that's worth, and the campaigns will be spinning.

I'll be sitting at my computer reading up on Michael Bloomberg and wondering if it's time...


Mike White said...

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Camellia Underhill said...

The "Clinton strategy" worked once, Bill and his ego figure it will work again. The thought of Clintons back in the White House make me want to sleep forever. Although, the battle of the egos might make it interesting.

Be afraid very afraid!