Friday, January 04, 2008

Where Have All The Young Folks Gone? To The Polls, Many Of Them!

Hub has a sign on his desk that is a reflection of our generation. It reads, "Old age, experience and treachery will always overcome youth and skill". Don't bet on it!

It wasn't long ago, during one of my many forays into the psyche of political thinking, that I wondered what young people were thinking. What were their concerns?

The results of last night's Iowa caucuses gave me pretty good insight. Not satisfied with the same old thing, they came out in huge numbers for both a Democrat and a Republican. While the religious overtones of Huckabee's supporters is a little fervent for my comfort zone, witness the impromptu prayer circle above, the fact that they are young and enthusiastic isn't. The same with Obama's supporters. As he said in his victory speech, he accomplished what was said to be impossible. He got new people to the caucuses and the young! In droves!

The fact was not lost on Hillary Clinton. The New Hampshire snow hadn't yet melted beneath her boots before she was declaring herself the candidate for America's youth. The problem is the women who she thought were with her, and weren't in sufficient numbers, are closer to my age. I think it's a left over mindset from the beginnings of the feminist movement. My peer group needs to get a grip and realize voting for a woman because she's a woman is no reason. But then, we've been cast aside anyway.

"I'm running for president to reclaim the future — the future for all of us, of all ages, but particularly for young Americans," she said. How does one "reclaim" the future? Is the future not just that?

She goes on to claim she is the one who will actually produce change. Change. That's the new buzz word. Just like she's been doing for thirty-five years. And just what might that be?

Or is it part of all the documentation that's locked up in the Clinton Library. Waiting until after the election to be released. To show the new emperor not only wears no clothes, but had no clothes to wear.

Isn't a young person who pointed that out?


Betty said...

I don't think Hillary is going to be the Democratic candidate. She just mouths the same old platitudes that worked so well for Bill, but they just don't sound the same, coming from her. Obama has the same hopeful message that is reminiscent of the Kennedys, and they sure brought out the young people. Huckabee will fade soon. His "message" will change in New Hampshire, then, again in South Carolina.

Dogwalkmusings said...


I think you're right about Hillary. She already has her surrogates attacking Obama and I think it may backfire.

Your observations about Huckabee are always welcome since you live in Arkansas and have more in depth knowledge of him! I will be watching with interest to see how the message changes!

Word Tosser said...

Hil yells she can bring change,yet also in the next breath yells about her 35 years of experience. Which kind of baffles me.. 35 years of experience? Hanging out in Washington D.C. while her husband was president for 8 years is experience? Hanging out off and on in Arkansas while her husband was Governor? for how many years? wasn't it also 8 in the combo? And then there is her what 4 years as a Senator? Where is 35 years of experience... experience of what?