Monday, January 21, 2008

Why I Read Both Papers

Coeur d'Alene is no longer the sleepy little lakeside community it used to be. It's growing like topsy, at least in the building department, and as comes growth comes increased crime.

I do have to read both our local papers, however, to get a good picture of just what is happening. On Monday in the Coeur d'Alene Press is Marc Stewart's column Blotter Fodder. As the title would suggest it is a column rather than a list of statistics. It does make more interesting reading.

Today he reports a conversation with the Sheriff as to whether or not law enforcement gives preferential treatment for friends and community leaders. If he meant that as a serious question, or merely conversation, I'm not sure. If he felt the need to ask the red flags are up!

That being said, the Sheriff assured him the days of looking the other way or helping a buddy are long gone. I'm not sure that's totally accurate; I recall an incidence last summer when a boatload of inebriates came ashore from a Hagadone lake cruiser and were allowed to hit the highways without nary a murmur. Especially since the law was on the dock because of someone allegedly having gone overboard.

Okay, now on to the Spokesman Review. They have a section on their editorial page entitled In their words. The top item this morning was from a local magistrate defending the fact he released a 40 year old man on his own recognizance following arrest on an accusation of domestic violence! His reasoning? The man's father was a long time crony.

If I were law enforcement I'd be pretty upset. So might the victim of the alleged abuse. And so might the rest of us who depend on not only the police, but the judges, to keep such off our streets!

Two papers, two stories. One issue.


Word Tosser said...

This concerned me when I read the story last week.. (daily bee had it)not because the Judge was woke at some ungodly hour (couldn't wait until am) and even tho the man gave the "you don't know who I am, I am an lawyer, your lawyer" bit...but the next paragraph, was about the judge saying that he and the father went back 32 years, that the father had got the judge his job.. that his vote, was what got him in. To me, this was of a "I am calling in my markers" type of a deal. Scary... And yes, I agree, what about the victim, what rights did she have?
And the officers? they were upset and I don't blame them, they tried to do it right....yet once again slapped to the side. Once again it the double rights... the common man and the privilege, and it sounds like this man has already been given WAY too many privileges.

stebbijo said...

Well - you certainly don't have to tell me how 'special favors' are part of the judicial/law enforcement department, since I was once married to a man whos first cousin was a Deputy Sheriff of Bonner County. Gad - that guy could invade the privacy of any/every individual in the county and get away with it. Since then, he has done very well and is now the Emergency Management Director of Bonner County. Needless to say my old papers expose NEPOTISM beyond the meaning of the word and his actions changed the course of my life dramatically.

I have always held to the belief that some of the worst cases of domestic violence rest in the hands of those who are supposed to protect. This one particular action in Kootenai County might be in direct conflict with the Violence Against Women's Act. But who the hell am I? Besides, what attorney are you going to get to take out a judge? (light bulb moment)

Absolutely beyond anyone's wildest notions. If I had not been there/party to this sort of favoritsm - I wouldn't believe it myself.

From someone who did everything in her power to help me - all the way to the state level - as well as lose her job, she told me - "Life is not always fair."

...and that's the truth. She was the Executive Director of the Council on Domestic Violence for the State of Idaho.

stebbijo said...

As an after thought - one could complain to the Judicial Council concerning this type of thing.

However, good luck - attorneys become judges and the judicial council is made up of attorneys.

Go figure.

stebbijo said...

Here I go again -

I saw this bill the other day. It amends existing law for the retirement fund of judges.

Now - it is pretty complicated. But, while I was wading through it - it kind of spells to me that -"Guilty Pays."



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