Friday, February 15, 2008

Blog Fest 2008

All the commenters on Huckleberries Online have been to and froing about the annual Blog Fest hosted by Dave Oliveria of the Spokesman Review. It takes place tomorrow between 2 and 4 at Capone's on 4th St.

It seems a lot of newcomers are taking part and a lot of them are nervous about it. I can reasonably well assure them those they'll meet aren't much different in person than they are on the blog. Besides, it's a party!

I'm an old timer and have had some hesitancy myself. Mostly it's because I'm old enough to be Grandmother to most of the current regulars on Dave's blog.

Never-the-less, my buddy Cis, who has been with Dave since day one, and I decided we would at least put in an appearance just to give the more mature types a presence. Besides, I really want to hear Doug Clark!

So for better or for worse, we'll be hovering about taking it all in. Someone has to be witness to actual happenings in case ThomG doesn't lose his Photoshop!


Anonymous said...

Better thee than me!
Wondering the first.

Word Tosser said...

Great Poster....wonder that Dave didn't use it ...