Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Commander-In-Chief - Of What?

As the returns of yet another defeat rolled in last night Howard Fineman, Newsweek, talked of how Hillary's campaign staffers were bickering among themselves as to placement of fault. Not a good sign.

Today they've come out with a new strategy - the Commander-in-Chief Offensive. Mark Penn, her chief strategist, is quoted as saying "She is the only person in the race who is both ready to be commander-in-chief and would end the Iraq war and start to bring troops home within 60 days, compared to both Senator Obama and Senator McCain."

Wow. Where did this come from? At the outset she talked of keeping a presence in order to have an orderly withdrawal, etc., etc. Forget the fact that no one knows what the status of the war will even be if and when she takes office.

But desperation calls for desperate measures. She's tested and ready to go from day one. There was a time I'd refute that but in looking at the situation, she may well be tested and have experience. She's falling further and further behind. Her campaign is in chaos, her team is fighting amongst themselves, she never could and still can't control her husband.

Such circumstances would test anyone and she is certainly getting "experience" in dealing with it. The upshot is we're not looking for a Commander-In-Chief of Chaos. We already have one!

What we do need to be wary of is guerilla warfare. It's a fighting style we have yet to master. The Clintons are known for their ability to get down and dirty; I hope our "hope" doesn't get mired in muck.

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