Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Last Time I Saw Paris

Have you noticed Paris Hilton has been creeping back into the news lately? Last time I heard much about her,  just after she finished her jail sentence, she was extremely remorseful and promising to do good works. Concern over drunken elephants comes to mind as the cause she embraced.

Maybe though, she really has repented.  She's been in Turkey to help judge the Miss Turkey competition.   She has set the bar high for the contestants. They must have a "good heart" as well as beauty.   She will also be judging them on how they carry themselves, the way they dress and what they say. She also now sees herself as a role model for young women.

Now, let's not be too hasty to pass judgement.  Just a week or so ago it was reported she plans to build a disco in the basement of her new Hollywood Hills home. It is to hold somewhere around 200 people and resemble a Parisian speakeasy. This is good. It will keep her off the roads, making DUI arrests unlikely - except maybe for her guests. This is what a role model does. Takes responsibility for her actions.

Then too, should she be placed under house arrest for some unlikely reason, she'll be able to work in the recording studio that is also part of the plan.

It's so refreshing to see these young celebrities learn from past mistakes.  See them give back to their community - at least 200 at a time!   $6 million big ones for the new digs. 

Come to think about it, that could help a lot of drunken elephants! 

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