Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Please, Don't Let Them Have Tasers!

Every once in awhile I need to get away from my political rantings and look at news items more in line with my generational needs. Like money!

I could picture myself with a friend, sipping a glass of wine and whining, much as in the illustration above. Then I came across and AP article about two old broads who actually did something about it! That they are on trial for murder is beside the point. They took action when action was needed. But greed did them in.

"It's your fault", the 75 year old co-defendant scolded her 77 year old accomplice. "You can't have that many insurers... You were greedy. That's the problem." Okay, this conversation probably should not have taken place while they were in custody and being videoed.  I'll grant them a few concessions for age related lapses.

To be sure these women are Californians. LA County no less. The land of the fruits, the nuts and the flakes. I say that with deep affection for I lived there many years and know it to be true. That these two came up with their plan is a testimony that age has little to with mental acuity this day and age.

So what was their crime? Seems these geriatric femme fatales befriended, on two different occasions, transient gentlemen. They set them up in housing for two years, fed them, took out insurance on them, drugged them and ran over them. Made it look like hit and run.

The mind works in mysterious ways. I think I'm still pretty sharp but I could never concoct such a scheme! All did not go exactly as planned however. A two year investment for each victim is a long time to hold a scam together. It almost went awry when one of the gentlemen invited five other transients to share his digs. When discovered the gals had the police evict them and hired security guards to keep it from happening again.  Had the police evict them!

The biggest hitch came after they ran over their second victim and had to call for a tow because the rental car being used had problems. That pesky DNA stuff was later found on the undercarriage and tied the victim to the ladies who had rented the car.

All in all they laid out somewhere in the vicinity of $64,000 to reap over $3,000,000 in insurance payouts!  Who knows. They may actually beat the rap. They've pleaded not guilty. There are no eye witnesses, they've not confessed. The evidence is all circumstantial.

If they are convicted of double murders, I suppose the upside is if life in prison without possibility of parole is the sentence it's unlikely to be so very long!


Word Tosser said...

At their age... even if they go to jail... well it won't be so bad.
3 square meals a day, room and board free to them... no bills, and great health care. No more mall shopping, but one has to give up some things. They will have the library and tv room... not so bad at 77 and 75.. better than a nursing probably have bingo once a week

Anonymous said...

As a proud native "nutsy bananas", I believe that we have this reputation, not so much because we live in CA, there are nuts everywhere, but because we are so much more original and inventive in our eccentricities. Probably because we have so much time to ponder our next great plan whilst sitting on the freeway in standstill gridlock.

Camellia Underhill

Dogwalkmusings said...

Nah, Camellia! The exhaust fumes would fog your brain. Wine is a much better way to encourage creativity! It makes you soar!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the joys of "the grape". A pleasure I heartily endorse.

Still, when one is exposed to an element for years on end (exhaust) one develops immunity. Besides, closed car...AC. We natives have all the answers! CU