Thursday, March 27, 2008


Have you ever wondered just who the superdelegates are? According to the New York Times they include all the Democratic governors and members of Congress and other prominent members of the party - whatever that means.

You are probably well aware of the full court press being put on them by the campaigns just in case the Clinton's prevail in over turning the popular vote, the pledged delegates and the number of states won by Obama.

I've had a busy day today but not so busy that I couldn't spot an interesting headline. Puerto Rico governor, Obama supporter, indicted. I've a quick question. Do you really want these guys selecting the nominee?

They do, in some instances, seem to be dropping like flies. Thank goodness New Jersey's former governor James McGreevey is no longer among their ranks nor is Eliot Spitzer. But David Paterson, New York's new governor, is - he with the multitude of affairs. Detroit's mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will no doubt go and now the governor of Puerto Rico. By the Time's criteria, though I couldn't find his name on any list, Louisiana's Senator David Vitter, another lover of the ladies of the night who did not resign, would be among them as would Representative William Jefferson of the "$90,000 cold cash in the freezer" fame.

All their extracurricular activities make me wonder when these guys have the time to govern or legislate? They're supposed to be the voice of reason within the party; those qualified to sort out who should and who should not be the nominee. I certainly do not mean to lump them into one ethically challenged group but you've got to wonder if there are enough of them to give the candidate that brought them into play the edge.


Anonymous said...

And people wonder why the general public is cynical about politicians and the process. Scares the bejabbers out of me! CU

Word Tosser said...

Makes you wonder... do you really want their to have these kind of guys... say. oh, yea, I am voting for.... fill in the blank.. kind of makes a candidate...well, most candidates cringe.. but then there are those who want to win not matter how or who they get to vote for them.