Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Senior Moment Or War Mongering

We know John McCain is tied to the apron string's of George Bush's war policy - but to what extent? A lot has been happening on the Democratic side to divert our attention away from candidate McCain.

We best multi-task for awhile. We know he intends to keep troops on the ground long term. We know he thinks anything less than "victory" is unacceptable. What we don't know is just what "victory" is. His view of victory is probably unattainable as long as the current government in Iraq retains power. On the other hand, the Iraqi government's view of victory is to get us out of their country. That they want to annihilate one another is their business, not ours, and one day they will proceed.

What we need to keep an eye on, however, is what he articulates. The AP reported McCain mistaken on Iran and al-Qaida. "Al-Qaida is going back into Iran and is receiving training and are coming back into Iraq from Iran." Yeah. Right. Iran is Shiite, al-Qaida is Sunni. That they despise one another is putting it mildly. Even Lindsey Graham had to wince at this one!

Okay, I'll admit keeping all the warring factions straight takes some doing. On top of that we have to keep track of what deal we've made with which war lord to keep our guys alive. Whew.

What troubles me is he made the statement twice. The quote is attributed to a news conference in Jordan, but he made the same statement earlier to a talk show host. Only after Joe Lieberman, who is travelling with McCain, whispered the error to him did McCain correct himself.

I'm not sure if Lieberman is seeking another shot at the Vice Presidency or maybe Secretary of Defense, but wow. He's nearly 65. McCain 71.

Knowing he will not discount war with Iran, knowing he has a penchant for gaffes, I'm wondering if he truly wants the war to continue because it's what he knows best or if he's trying to remold the Grand Old Party into his image - Geezers On Parade might work.

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