Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's It All About, Alfie? Eliot??

I think this should be the symbol for a zipper pull. Note the tacit instruction from the arrow? Up!

I asked Hub what it is about guys with power. He shrugged. "I was never that important", he told me, "but when you're surrounded by people who bow to your every whim I would suppose you'd start to feel invincible."

So men are from Mars and women from Venus. I feel sorry for the wives and especially the kids. But the problem has been around for as long as I can remember. Rightfully, men of the cloth seem to get hammered the hardest. Remember Jimmy Swaggart? Jim Bakker and Ted Haggard? They throw themselves on the mercy of their congregations with great flowing of tears.

Not quite so contrite are the politicians. Spitzer feels he should get a pass because it's a personal matter. Bill Clinton and how many women besides Monica? David Vitter and his prostitute. Remember Gary Condit and the disappearance of intern Chandra Levy? He walked. Clever man. Larry Craig who does not know the meaning of shame nor contrition. Gary Hart and Donna Rice, and going way back, Wilbur Mills' frolic at the Tidal Basin with stripper Fanne Foxe. Ah, those were the days!

Getting even more of a pass are the "stars", especially when it comes to parenting children out of wedlock. Heath Ledger, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConneghy and Jack Nicholson just to name a few. Criticized? Nope, just reports on how thrilled they are. Sheesh!

I won't even try to get into the world of sports, though clean cut all American quarterback Tom Brady comes to mind.

I'm beginning to think when men reach a certain level of success they ought to be fitted with a male chastity belt until they leave the public eye. Yes, there really is such a thing. Just do a Google search and click on images.

Since keeping the zipper up doesn't seem to work, maybe this is a viable alternative.

You know, though, I cannot imagine Hub humiliating me to the extent these men have humiliated their families. And he is important, the most important man in the world - to me.


Tomas said...

Your inclusion of Sen. Hart in this list is a journalistic cheap shot. He was never accused of a crime -- nor was anything ever proved. He has been a model citizen, proving his brilliance and prescience over and over. He and his only wife have been married for almost 50 years. Isn't it time to leave them alone.

Anonymous said...

My husband would never have pulled this on me either. But, had he, I surely would not have played the dutiful little wifey standing supportively at his side. CU