Friday, April 18, 2008

An Even Keel

Just maybe the political seas are beginning to calm. The tide of sophomoric questions, the responses and the spin from Wednesday's "debate" are receding.

After all the "who won" and "will it hurt Obama" and "how much" gibberish is over, it is heartening to see the giants of American politics past are getting on board and stating their choices. With the likes of the Clinton administration's Labor Secretary Robert Reich and former Senators Sam Nunn and David Boren, past chairmen of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Senate Select Intelligence Committee respectively, endorsing Obama I'd say the days of "how low can we go" campaigning may have run their course.

These men are saying loudly and clearly that Barack Obama not only has what it takes to lead the country, he has their support, advice and counsel. I am sure Senator Clinton will do her best to convince the voters that such endorsements are of little consequence, but when the second cabinet official from Bill's administration endorses Obama it should tell us something.

I was quite taken with Obama's attitude toward the beating he took Wednesday night. It was politics as it is today. The reason he is running for President is to change it. What he does is, with an elegant flick at his shoulder, brush it off.

He went into the campaign promising us something different. He has kept that promise. He has not been pulled into gutter politics. The worst thing a surrogate said about Hillary is that she was a monster. She left. There has been nothing anywhere near the level of calling Bill Richardson a Judas for having dared to not endorse Hillary.

I would like to think that it is all but over but it is not. Hillary will fight until the bitter end, of that I have no doubt. I would also like to think the super delegates will start to follow the lead of these gentlemen and let it be known to the voters that they realize the politics of character assassination is no longer what the voting public wants to see.

We have a war to end. We have families to feed and gas tanks to fill. We need the Captain of our ship to have a demeanor that demands respect, convictions and the courage of them, the skill to assemble the best and the brightest this country has to offer for his crew and the wisdom to listen to them.

With that the mast will be righted and once again we'll be the grandest ship in the world.

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Betty said...

It appears that even Howard Dean has had all he can take. He wants to super-delegates to stand up and be counted. I think he believes that when they all declare their intentions, there will be a clear winner. I'm afraid that won't stop Hillary, if she's the apparent loser. I think, now, that she will take it all the way to the convention, and try to browbeat the super-delegates. It will be a mess, if she does.