Wednesday, April 09, 2008

LCDC Redux

I had lunch today with an old friend; a former mayor of Rathdrum. We spoke of "the good old days" when she had been mayor and how encouraged she is with the direction the town seems to be headed under the leadership of new mayor Vic Holmes.

We talked about the issues facing all the local communities and commented on how some of the smaller towns seem to be learning from the mistakes made by their larger neighbors rather than falling into lock step behind them.

What brought this to mind was a short article in today's Couer d'ALene Press entitled Spirit Lake Urban Renewal Agency soliciting participants, input. Spirit Lake is a sleepy little community at the head of one of the area's smaller lakes. It has a colorful mayor and more bars than businesses but as is named the lake, it is a community with spirit.

The downtown is in need of renewal, that is for sure. Over the years, though, we've seen one business after another getting a face lift. If all continues it will be a "must see" stop. I think it will happen. They have formed the urban renewal agency to develop community assets and have asked for input from all of the community be they residents or businesses.

They recognize input from everyone is vital in identifying the assets that will contribute to the potential of the community. Their meetings are open to the public and at an hour most can attend, between 5 and 6; at a place easy to find - the library. Monday nights in case anyone is interested. Sorry I can't post a link to the article but it's not in the online version of the Press.

Hooray for the movers and shakers of Spirit Lake. I can think of a few urban renewal agencies around here that would do well to copy a page from your book!

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