Monday, April 07, 2008

Tested And Ready

Mark Penn is gone. Just when I was beginning to think nothing could embarrass the Clinton campaign. Well, one down anyway.

Hillary Clinton is beginning to remind me of Al Gore back in the days he was campaigning. He had the same arrogance - the election was to be his. He had the same issues with image. You never knew who would appear in the morning. Now I wonder if it will be the tough, shrill Hillary or the misty eyed sensitive Hillary. With Penn gone, tomorrow's image is any one's guess. If she is so experienced where is her hand in all this? After all, it is her campaign!

Of more concern are the gaffes still being made. There was the dodging sniper fire incident. Now there is the flap over the supposedly uninsured mother who died because she had no insurance and the hospital wouldn't treat her. Wrong. The hospital is screaming bloody murder for candidate Clinton to cease and desist from using this story.

What I'm seeing is either totally revisionist memory or the lack of vetting information before using it. Neither bodes well in figuring out just who this woman is. Remind you of "weapons of mass destruction"? I won't even begin to address the tax returns other than to mention that all their "charitable" contributions, some $10 million, went into a trust of their own.

If this is what tested and ready means, I see expertise at playing footsie with the truth and an unfathomable lack of over site. What's real? I took the wrinkle removing pen in my photo program to Hillary. Click on the photo to enlarge it. On the surface she may look pretty good but I left enough of the original to make you wonder.

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