Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Person CAN Make A Difference!

Doug Clark is my favorite columnist at the Spokesman Review. It's the razor sharp wit in describing situations round and about Spokane that keeps me looking forward to his columns. He is also much more. He is a talented musician and he cares about his city.

What started as a one man show in 2003 has evolved into what is now known as Spokane Street Music Week. It has grown in size every year, I should guess, by the power of his personality. Buskers take up positions on street corners, preform to their heart's content and have the tip jars front and center. The proceeds benefit the Second Harvest food bank.

How simple a fund raiser is that! People love it, be they locals or visitors. This year the Chief of Police participated, the Mayor has promised to join in next year. What's so wonderful about this is they are two people who are often taken to task in Clark's columns!

What's even better is that the food bank helps somewhere around 48,000 people each week. This years proceeds will provide for more than eleven tons of food. That's a lot of food!

One man with an idea and the will to make it happen. Here's to you Doug! You're an inspiration!

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