Monday, July 07, 2008


Look at the expression on Hillary's face! It reminds me of a little kid who's not getting her way. Something that marked a lot of Hillary's primary campaign. Okay. The primary is over. It's time for this petulance on the part of her supporters to be over too!

Hub and I were talking about this so called gender bias the Hillraisers claim she suffered throughout the campaign. Heavens, yes. She was asked the first question during the debates. I don't know. In my day we were taught ladies before gentlemen. Could that have been a subconscious reason? I never once saw her stand up without Obama holding her chair for her. Can't have that now, can we? Her laugh is reminiscent of a cackle? That's not gender bias, that's a fact! Just like my voice is nasal. Wow. Anyone who suggests that obviously has a gender bias against me!

She wanted to break into the good old boys club. She stomped and whined and cried when there was resistance. That's using her gender. Once in she tried to bend the rules to suit her. It didn't work. It had always been a men's club and the rules weren't going to be changed for one woman. The stakes were too high and was hardly of the highest priority to those participating.

Never-the-less the faithful aren't going to forgive and forget nor financially support Obama. They'd rather have McCain. I have trouble following their mind set. First of all, if it was the media committing the offense, why take it our on Obama?

Then I got to thinking about these women who call themselves die hard Hillary supporters. It is all about gender bias; nothing more. Issues? Nah. The sake of the Democratic Party? Nah. It's the sisterhood and that alone. If I were Hillary I wouldn't be especially proud of becoming the poster child for people of the female persuasion who have so little self-esteem and lack of a life that they can only live through the accomplishments of some other woman!

Refusing to support the Obama campaign is a testimony to their immaturity and self-centeredness. It's over. Hillary fought a fight most men could or would not. Still, she came in second. Not even a poor second. An incredibly strong second. She showed the grit and tenacity we women all know lies within each and everyone of us. What counts is how we use it.

Rather than celebrating Hillary's accomplishments, the Hillraisers are doing little more than showing why so many believe Hillary may be the exception rather than the rule of what a woman can be.

You should be ashamed. Quit preening in the wallows of self-pity. Get over yourselves and do something constructive for a change. Like support the man who barely bested her. The man who has become a stronger candidate because of how she tested him. Neither man, Obama nor media are four letter words.

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Anonymous said...

You know, given Hillary's me me me attitudes, she would fit right in with the CDA city council. CU