Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great Expectations - Or Not - For The Upcoming Football Season

One of the things I like to do best is compare stories in our local papers to see how close they are. They often differ greatly even when it's AP filler. Today was just such a case.

I expect the local reporters to lay the groundwork for dismal seasons. Washington State seems enthralled with it's new head coach but the team is not living up to his expectations. The Seahawks are already suffering injuries to major players. Nothing new in either story.

But the AP stories about the Packers pre-season loss to Cincinnati is another thing. The Coeur d'Alene Press headline reads Rodgers sharp, but Packers fall. It cut and pasted the usual stats and told of an early interception and his passing record for the game.

The sub-head in the Spokesman Review reads Green Bay loses with Rodgers at the helm. Same stats and highlights but this story included one very important bit of information. Rodgers left the game after one quarter with a ten point lead.

Okay, fellas, is this a guy thing or what? Farve has moved on. Get over it. And give the new kid a break!

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