Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Obama And The Change Factor

I've been getting quite a chuckle listening to the talking heads gleefully suggesting McCain has knocked Obama and his "change" mantra right out of the ball park. The McCain choice is real change! Joe Biden is just another old political insider.

You know how they chortle every time a politician inserts foot in mouth because they have it on video? Well, they might want to check some of their own. Just after Obama gave the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic convention he was anointed as the future of the party. Not long after, these same talking heads were suggesting he should run for President in 2008. Why? Because he was a fresh face without the baggage of someone like Hillary! Finishing his current term as Senator, plus another, would open the door to decisions he'd have to defend.

Good campaign professionals joined his team and he made the decision to run. And run he did, beating the "inevitable" Hillary. Wow. Then all of a sudden these same talking heads were bemoaning his lack of experience, his naivete, his unproven judgement. So he does the prudent in choosing a running mate. He chooses a man who knows his way around the playing field in Washington, knows what's fair and what's foolish and has expertise in areas where Obama is lacking. That he is a bit of an outspoken maverick himself has gone unmentioned, but he's not your usual go along to get along Senator. That in itself is change.

Then there is McCain and the woman he met twice before choosing her for his ticket. He really wanted Lieberman but the quartet running his campaign finally convinced him the party would revolt, especially the conservative wing. This, too, is change but not exactly what any thinking voter would envision!

Today the scuttlebutt is, due to some questionable issues becoming public, Palin may withdraw shortly after the convention. I wouldn't hold my breath on this one today, but tomorrow may be a different story. Just think; then McCain would get to appoint another running mate, re-opening the door for Lieberman.

Well, there goes "change". The image of Lieberman at McCain's side reminding him there is no longer a Czeckoslovakia and that the Sunni's and the Shiia are different haunts me.

What is it I mentioned in yesterday's post? The VIce President's main job is inquiring daily about the President's health. And reminding him of the world as it is today. That's change. An added responsibility. Lieberman is 66. That shouldn't be too taxing if McCain keeps to his current schedule of one campaign stop a day and week ends off.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!


Sylvia K said...

we never know, do we, from one day to the next? I'll be so glad to see this election over with. I finally had to do something totally silly on my blog today. I'm totally ready for a new day. Enjoyed your observations, as always!

Word Tosser said...

I think they said on the scandel sheet tv show (Insider or whatever) that the husband had a "DWI" a few years ago... so the people are starting to dig.

I don't see her going willingly. I think she will fight to say.. they will have to come up with something pretty bad on the family, before they will talk her in to a dive.. I see her staying for the short run.. how many more months now? lol

Anonymous said...

I'm ever hopeful that the press will actually wake up and do their job this time.

I've seen more pointed questions and statments with respect to Sarah Palin than I saw with respect to the rush to the Iraq War.

Maybe they finally realize what is at stake and are as scared as we are about the prospect of a McCain/Palin administration.

Linda Hillin said...

I want Sarah Palin out before the VP debate because I think it will be really tricky for Biden to debate her, like a professor debating a first grader, and the Republicans will go after Biden no matter how he treats her. They may want to use Biden as a scapegoat to get rid of her.

Right now I'm enjoying all the turmoil around her because everyday McCain is tangled up with her Obama is gaining in the polls.

Margie's Musings said...

She's certainly no great vice president candidate.

She has small children who will certainly be neglected.

I will watch her speech tonight and see what that brings.

But if any more scandal is found, she is better off out of the race.

cconz said...

i enjoy reading your blog. I can up on the issues and tend to agree with every thing you say. But, i'm frightened to think what will happen if McCain/Palin are elected.

Word Tosser said...

Joe should tell his critics when they complain about being tough on her,
"well, she better be tough, because wait when the world leaders got ahold of her."