Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mudslinging Ad Nauseam

If the candidates were really as horrible as their opponents would like us to believe this country would really be in big trouble. I expected fall out after the Obama "infomercial" and was not disappointed.

What I don't get, however, is how much energy is being devoted to trying to ruin the opposition rather than defending one's own positions this late in the game.

I haven't been listening to the campaign whistle stops today but did suffer through some of Hannity, and of course the headlines on the news sites. Will something finally stick in these last few days? The Aunt of Obama found in a Boston "slum"? The idea his half brother lives on the equivalent of $1 day in Kenya? That he didn't meet with his step mother, who resides in London, while on his whirlwind tour of the world? Or another association with a person of questionable repute in Fashid Khalidi, a professor of mid east studies at Columbia and a critic of Israel? Caught on tape!

You'd think that mud pit would be just about empty by now but apparently it is not. The thing that has piqued my curiosity is where was all of this during the primaries? If anyone could have unearthed this information and used it to their advantage you'd have thought the Clinton team would have done so. The Aunt was certainly in Boston at that time, the step mother in London and the half brother in Kenya.

Those terrorist associations, Ayers and Khalidi. Why is it they are professors at prestigious American universities?

Wow. Here is a man running for the Presidency of the United States because he has a vision for a nation better than what we have today. If we share that vision we will vote for him. If we don't we will vote for his opponent.

I don't buy, for one minute, that he is not a patriot because he hasn't always worn a flag pin, that elitism is some sort of fatal disease or that he is a closet Muslim with terrorist leanings.

What I do know is that he cannot bowl and probably can't field dress a moose. He is neither a rock star nor a messiah.

He's an intelligent, well educated young man with a devoted wife and two young daughters. He loves his country. He's an American.

Home at the dinner table, I don't imagine he's so very different from you or me. That's an assumption of course. I have no inside knowledge of his family dynamics. Until I do, and those of any and all associations he's had over a lifetime, I cannot judge.

I for one do not think the world as we know it will end if he is elected President. Is it not time to let that mud puddle dry out?


Sylvia K said...

Oh AMEN to that!!!

Margie's Musings said...

McCain just can't get over the fact that Obama backed out of public financing. Here's why:

Obama knew the thing that killed Kerry in 2004 was the "527 groups," who pumped huge dollars running Swift Boat ads, bypassing financing laws.

Obama's position was that he would take public financing IF McCain would reel them in. McCain refused.

Unfortunately for McCain, T. Boone Pickens and other 527 funders lost a lot of money on Wall Street this year ($2 billion for Pickens), plus they don't particularly care for McCain, so this money never materialized for McCain. They were smart enough to know not to back a loser.

Rinkly Rimes said...

When we have an election in Oz I keep hoping to hear a candidate say something nice about the opposition or their policies. Sometimes they actually do!

Linda said...

I figured early on that Obama was all right because I knew the Clinton team would have unearthed any dirt that was out there.

You can only move blocks of people if they're ignorant, educated people don't move in blocks.

Today's Republicans and radical Evangelicals share two things, an extreme desire for power and control.

I've purchased a few books lately about the Republican Party. I want to know if this party has always been like it is now. I can't seem to get a handle on that party.

Campaigns are always nasty but somehow it's become destructive since 2000.