Friday, October 24, 2008

No Wonder Congress Is In The Tank!

Wow. We haven't even gotten through this election and the run has begun for 2010!

Joe, whose real name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, the Plumber, who is not even a licensed plumber, wants to buy a company he claimed would earn over $250,000 a year. According to Ohio records it's estimated taxable revenue is under $100,000. He earns around $40,000 and has a lien against him for non-payment of taxes even though he may not know that little tidbit. He wants to run for Congress!

Yep. So says a brief article on The Hill's Blog Briefing Room. Laura Ingraham was quoted as saying, "There is a movement afloat to draft you to run for Congress. Joe, let me tell you something: you decide to run for Congress and I'll help you with your PR, I'll help you do your ads, I mean I'll volunteer to help you."

You know what? She probably would. Talk about not vetting a candidate!

Okay, the generational divide in me has surfaced. Here is a man who asked a good question of a candidate and the candidate's answer was less than it should have been. I'll give the story that, but that's as far as it should go. But who is this guy and why on earth would you want him in Congress? To follow in Ted Stevens' or William Jefferson's footsteps?

I've often thought that throwing the whole sorry bunch out and starting over again was a good idea. Not if this is what we're going to get!

The media gets blamed for a lot. Slanted reporting. Absolutely. MSNBC has turned into FOX left. I used to like MSNBC but they are just as slanted now as FOX only in the opposite direction. Talk radio is even worse. That is where the majority of the hate mongering is happening. Rush Limbaugh. Laura Ingraham.

What's it all about? Ratings? That this man be glorified even after learning about his credibility? The same as Sarah Palin was placed on a pedestal before we even had a look at her?

A week to go. This go round will be over. When it is, whoever wins will have my support. He will be our President. We owe that to the office. It's serious business to me. A leader will be chosen for those of us on Main Street as well as those on Wall Street. As important, if not more so, a leader for the world.

But we've been forewarned. The fun and games will continue. Personality outweighs substance. The gravity as I see it is apparently not shared. You'd think 9/11 and the current economic meltdown would have taught us that politics is not a game and the penalty assessed for not playing it well can be catastrophic.

Yet ugliness and thoughtlessness rules. Don't worry though. Just go shopping. One VP nominee did and seems none the worse for it.


Rinkly Rimes said...

Your Joe the Plumber even had his fifteen minutes of fame here, in Australia! The cult of the sound-bite is really quite terrifying!

Margie's Musings said...

I never accept a president outright. For matter two terms...Bush has never been my president. He may be the nation's president (thanks to the Supreme Court) but I do not ever go along with "my nation, good or bad".

Dogwalkmusings said...

Margie, I agree with your point. We are fortunate to be able to protest our government's actions though Bush has made it more difficult.

I do feel there is a difference between the man and the office. I'll never forgive Bill Clinton for bringing shame to the office of the Presidency. Had he been anything other than in government I wouldn't have cared at all. The same goes for Bush. It's hard to give the man a pass when he's been responsible for denying us of so many of our basic rights.

Dogwalkmusings said...
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Linda said...

I saw the entire exchange between Joe the Plumber and Obama and felt he took the time needed and explained his tax plan. Then he put his hand on the plumber's shoulder and said "even if you don't vote for me it's important you understand my plan."

I'm hoping we will see a lot of new faces in both the house and senate. I'm also hoping Obama will not be a president who thinks he's too good to work with congress.

I guess I'm a dreamer but I feel like I've been close to death the last 8 yrs so I'm looking forward to finding life again.