Thursday, October 09, 2008

Why I'm For Obama

Michelle Obama said something on Larry King the other night that really resonated with me. They were discussing the "that one" comment and the "what don't you know" question from the debate. She turned serious after a few quick quips and said, basically, Barack knows what he doesn't know and surrounds himself with those who can educate him. In other words he doesn't surround himself with "yes" men. That is important to me.

Realistically, neither candidate is going to be able to deliver all that they have promised. Even if times weren't so bad, campaign promises go only as far as Congress allows. So let's take that out of the equation. Being less than specific is political expedience. Both candidates practice it. Yes, it is frustrating when one wants specifics, but with today's political climate and constantly changing conditions, be it the economy or the wars, any specific statement would come back to haunt many times over. So they don't do it.

It's not because I'm a hard core Democrat. I am not. There are many policies Obama has put forth that I don't think he can deliver nor should. The same, however, holds true for McCain. When he states he'd have the government buy up the bad mortgages, it proves to me how little a grasp he has of the situation. Why? Because those mortgages have been split so many times between so many entities, no one knows exactly who has what. That's part of the problem. It's not as simplistic as McCain would have us believe.

I don't believe anyone is entitled to be President. McCain, to me, acts like he is. His superior attitude doesn't sit well with me as I watch him dither on policy. His choice of Sarah Palin stings like a slap in the face. Yes. I understand all the reasoning. I don't think it's valid if one is really putting "country" first.

Obama promised a different kind of campaign. Up until now he has kept his word. The depth of misinformation and fear mongering the McCain campaign has sunk to requires recourse and now the McCain campaign is shouting foul. Again, it does not sit well with me.

As for his associations; who among us at one time or another has not associated with someone, on some level, we could have done without? It's over and done with, in the distant past - or you didn't even realize it until after the fact, but if you're a public figure you're denied having a life with people in it. That's unrealistic.

His religion. He says he is not a Muslim. Why must that horse continue to be beaten? Even if he were, so what? Look how many of our athletes have become Muslims? Do you think they are out to over throw America? We have two Muslim Congressmen. Do you think they are intent on over throwing America? The people who elected them obviously do not. Why must a uniformed police officer have to insinuate the worst at a McCain/Palin rally? It's disgusting. And don't give me the free speech argument.

That Sarah Palin relates to the Joe Six-packs of America is great. I can almost hear the bubble gum pop when she talks. But I don't want Joe Six-pack for my President. I want one who can relate to more than the folks at the corner bar.

Many leaders from around the world have been educated in Great Britain - Oxford, Cambridge, Sandhurst. Those who have studied in this country have gone to Harvard, Yale or Princeton. I want our President to be able to relate on that level and to understand how they think and why they think the way they do. I'm tired of swagger, smirk and bullying. Condescension scares me.

I've said before we no longer get the best of the best running for public office for the very reason that is so evident today. Few want to put themselves or their families through the punishment. We're fortunate though. The cream of the African American/White community has risen to the top with Barack Obama. No longer are the race baiting rants of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton the foremost image of that segment of our society. Barack Obama is no self-anointed preacher. The worst I can say about him is he is a politician.

I am sure some aspects of this historical journey weigh heavily on him. Should he win he bears the burden of having to rise above expectations. He has done it before; I believe he will continue to do so. I believe he is an inspired leader, he resonates with the young, he is cool under pressure. That's not being elite. That's poise. That's what I want in our President. One who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world. One who will not embarrass us. One who will listen. One who can articulate.

Our economy continues to tank, we're afraid for our futures, especially those of us who are no longer young and resilient. Just today the news talks of how the conflict in Afghanistan is worsening. That means more of our young men and women will perish. It is not a bright and sunny forecast.

I want in our President not the man who knows how to do it all as McCain claims he can, but the man who is willing to talk and listen and has the energy to tackle the multitude of problems facing us without illusion. I believe Barack Obama better fits this need and this is why I support him.

There is just too much of importance happening in the world to get caught up in the web of deceit.


Margie's Musings said...

And I agree with you. Even David Brooks agrees he is very smart. When we need at this juncture is someone very smart. We have had enough of ignorant leaders and I am ready for somemone with a brain who has very smart advisers that he is not afraid to listen to...and no "yes men" among them.

Word Tosser said...

To say you are on target is an understatement...
As I watch the debates I also watched the body language of the two... and what made me feel so good was Obama's poise. He sat there when he was done.. very respectful, he didn't pace behind McCain so to distract people... but smiled when he knew McCain was wrong, or spitting out half truths. As I watch him talk, and sit respectfully, it did my heart good to know this man would represent our country with class, with concern, with respect to others.. Yes.. Obama for President even more so than the last 17 months of this.

Linda said...

Wow, your statement that McCain's "choice of Sarah Palin stings like a slap in the face." I've never heard a better description. That's exactly how I feel as an American. Sad day for America when that happened.

cconz said...

When i read your blog i find myself yelling out as i read it "Boy, you got that one right" or Right on girlfriend!!! If everybody in this world had as much COMMOM SENSE as you we'd be fine. thanks

John Dwyer said...

I like your comments. However, aren't you at all afraid of having the same party running the Executive branch and the Legislative branch. This is the only reason I still may vote for McCain. I have not been enthused about any Presidential candidate since 1964.

Dogwalkmusings said...

John, I do worry about one party rule. We saw what a disaster it can be when the Republicans held both houses under Bush. However, what I'm more concerned with is the integrity and capability of the President. He should be able to hold his own part in check. Though in recent history that has been an unfulfilled expectation.