Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bush League

As with a multitude of people out there, I have never had much good to say about George W. Bush nor his administration. Perhaps it's time.

I cannot remember a transition of Presidential power having been carried out with more grace than this one. Credit goes to both the President and his wife. I think a large part of it is due to breeding. There are certain segments of our society where manners and grace in behavior are taught young and are expected to be practiced throughout life. The Bush's exemplify this.

Barbara was the feisty daughter of the former President of McCall's Corporation, publishers of the enormously popular McCall's Magazine and Redbook. My generation should remember them well. She attended the best of schools including Smith, one of the "seven sisters" Ivy League schools for women. Had Sarah Palin attended Smith she would not be dropping her "g's".

George H.W., the son of a Senator, graduated from Yale before devoting his entire career to one of public service. George W. himself is a graduate of Yale with an MBA from Harvard. That he is prone to malapropism is a mystery, but even with a "gentleman's C", one must have ample gray matter to graduate from Yale and get an advanced degree from Harvard, regardless of your name.

Then there is Laura. A Texan through and through with charm that seems inborn. She's no slouch herself with a degree in Education from Southern Methodist and a Masters in Library Science from the University of Texas - Austin.

So much for their educational credentials. More to the point has been their decorum. Laura and George appear to have a deep love for one another. She has shown great grace and courage in "standing by her man". I doubt she anticipated such a difficult and long lasting undertaking eight years ago.

Barbara and H.W. have shown great restraint in keeping mum about W. We can speculate whether they are horrified, disappointed or just shaking their heads wondering what was the source for all that has happened. But quiet they've been no matter how uncomfortable.

I believe the Presidency is being passed on to a man who along with his wife will continue to honor the office of the Presidency as it should be. I do not anticipate any sexual rendezvous in the private office nor upon their departure the trashing of the White House and Air Force I.

Sometimes a silver spoon can trump astro turf in the back of a pick up. A stellar Presidency could well trump both.


Sylvia K said...

You're right -- even if I do have trouble acknowledging anything remotely good about W. But what you say is true, regardless. And with that, I'll shut my trap.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I've always thought Laura Bush seemed a 'nice woman'. Rather a dull description but it seems to fit.

joared said...

Breeding may well be part of what accounts for W.'s behavior, but I think he also realizes given his standing with citizens he's well-advised to behave kindly to have some sort of positive legacy. Laura's graciousness is to be expected as she has supported her husband.

TropiGal said...

I love this photo. It truly captures the air of grace and graciousness about which you write. Good job.