Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Crap" Game

There has been much written about the reading Obama has done, studying past administrations, and what he has learned about successful governing. Engaging the opposition in a meaningful way seems to lead to success. I hope his roll of the dice with former opponent Hillary Clinton doesn't "crap" out. It would seem he has promised her everything but the kitchen sink and that too may also be in the mix. I hope there is more behind his choice than appeasing Hillery supporters.

Among the things promised to get her "yes" is direct access to him and being allowed to select her own staff. There are some ingredients that seem to be missing, however. Where will she stand in relation to Joe Biden, chosen for his foreign policy expertise, and the yet unnamed National Security advisor? She's not used to standing in line nor taking orders.

Speaking of Joe Biden for a minute, where is he? He hasn't been making headlines since his dinner with the Cheney's at the Vice President's residence. Is he already secured in the infamous "undisclosed location"? How does he feel about the choice of Hillary?

Okay. Hillary is smart, able and disciplined but her foreign policy experience is no more weighty than Obama's. I'm a little leery of on the job training when dealing with a multitude of nations that don't much care for us. Obama seems satisfied that Bill will toe the line. He's far more trusting than I would be. He's far more trusting, too, that Hillary won't use the very visible position as a platform to unseat him if his first term is shaky. I worry about that because I don't see a Tiger changing its stripes and it has always been about the Clinton's - together and individually.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned during all the hype, is that the biggest problem spots with which she will have to deal are country's that do not have a very high regard for women. I'm not sure a woman in the position of Secretary of State is the most prudent choice the President-elect could have made.

Of course Hillary is throwing the dice too. The expectations for her in this position are as high as those for Obama as President. Should she be less than successful her political career could be over.

It is a huge gamble for both - and for the country. If neither does as well as we would like, we're all going to be in trouble. As is our nature, we'll throw the bums out. Just like this year. Then we'll be looking at the Republicans again. Huckabee has already stated his interest in running again and of course Sarah Palin is still talking turkey.

Now that's a roll of the dice I can do without!


Sylvia K said...

I'm leery, too, guess we just have to wait it out, but I've never been very good at that and I have to admit Hillary makes me really twitchy -- I'm already dealing with asthma, I don't need twitchy.

Margie's Musings said...

What's the deal? We have a woman Secretary of State right now...and a black one at that.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Margie, I don't think Condi is considered to be a very effective Secretary of State and she was a disaster as National Security advisor.