Thursday, December 04, 2008

Barbara's "View" Vs. Dogwalk's - Fascinating!

Tonight is another night for outstanding television "view"ing. Uh, oh. When I start playing around with words you know serious stuff is probably on the back burner for the day.

Well, yes and no. Basically yes. Tonight Barbara Walter's list of The Ten Most Fascinating People will air. I read the list with eager anticipation. What luminaries would be subjects of her probing interviews this year? What might we learn about them that we didn't already know?

Then I read the names. The only one not revealed, of course, is the number one. But that's okay. I thought there would be enough to whet my appetite. Well, it did. For a glass of wine and a good book!

Okay, here we go. Olympian Michael Phelps. What did we not learn about this young man during the Olympics? This young man who spends his entire life training. Oh well, he did make a splash at the time.

Will Smith. Tom Cruise. That they are both Scientologists is old news. If they departed the cult after all this time; now that would be fascinating.

Tina Fey? As good an actress as she is, there is no way she is more fascinating than the woman she impersonates - Sarah Palin. And Palin, herself. I must admit she fascinates me no end. Is she for real or is she just a bad dream that will be gone when I wake up?

I'll pass on Miley Cyrus. It's a generational thing. I'm still a bit fascinated by her Dad, however. How a mediocre talent built a career out of one hit song and a mullet escapes me!

She may have an attention getter with Thomas Beatie as a representative of the increasing visibility of trans gender couples. I must admit I wasn't aware this was happening, and quite frankly can do without being enlightened.

Frank Langella? The luck of landing a role in the film, Frost/Nixon, seems more a stroke of luck than fascinating. Maybe this is a tip of the hat to Whoopi who at one time had a relationship with him.

Oops! Nearly forgot. Rush Limbaugh. He's fascinating all right. How a man who couldn't cut it as a sportscaster; who used to be funny until he decided to pretend he is an intellect and who got off scott free for Doctor shopping to feed his oxycontin habit continues to rake in multimillion's of dollars for dispersing less than accurate information is indeed fascinating. I'm not sure that's what Barbara has in mind though.

Naturally she's being coy about number one. Speculation is that it's Obama himself. I don't know. With all the really fascinating people that could have been chosen for the other slots, I have a hunch Obama may not have been tapped.

Wow. What a line up. I've read blogs that are written by more fascinating people.

Oh well, what the heck. Walters gave up her claim on professional journalism when she became an entertainer. That's all The View is - entertainment. Such as it is. Why would I expect her list to be anything different?

Ah, let's see. What chapter am I on?


Margie's Musings said...

I didn't watch it so you'll have to clue me in.

Rinkly Rimes said...

None of the so-called 'lists' ever meet my approval! And no-one ever asks my opinion in the street either, for a survey on this sort of thing. It makes me feel inadequate!

Sylvia K said...

And I don't watch TV at all -- don't even have the service, as you know. And even when I did, The View would have been on the bottom of my list, because although I am female and have wonderful women friends, I don't enjoy watching the likes of The View, although I do like Whoopi. Now how's that for a bitchy comment? Great post though, I suspect you and I aren't that different.

TropiGal said...

I believe Babwa's father was an Broadway agent or something of that nature; at any rate, she virtually grew up in show-biz. These folks are zero fascination for me; I was oblivious to the special until I read about it here. Sounds like I didn't miss anything.