Tuesday, December 02, 2008

David Gregory Has Met The Press And He Has Won!

According to Politico David Gregory has landed the job of hosting MSNBC's Meet the Press. Congratulation to both! I applaud the choice.

I've always thought Gregory a tough, tenacious reporter unafraid to go head to head with anyone. I liked that. I hope he retains that tenacity in his new assignment. Politicians, who make up the bulk of the guest list, need someone to pin them to the mat on occasion.

The "also rans" are a pretty impressive bunch themselves and I congratulate NBC for looking outside it's inner sanctum of talent. Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd were being considered; so were Gwen Ifill - PBS, Katie Couric - CBS, John King - CNN and the venerable Ted Koppel. All have their pluses and minuses.

But David Gregory. I watched him grow from a hesitant host of Race for the White House into the confident and articulate host of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue . Both, of course, served as on air auditions. Nothing like going live!

The idea has been floated that this is an attempt to keep Gregory in the NBC family. There is no major anchor job in the offing, which would be the next logical step. That aside, he really grew in his hosting abilities. He has become far less wooden, a trait some of the others have yet to shed.

His age, too, is a plus. At thirty-eight he has been around long enough to have earned the respect of not only his colleagues, but those he will be interviewing. Yet he is young enough to relate to the youth movement in politics being led by the youngest President in decades.

I thought Tom Brokaw was the perfect interim replacement for Tim Russert. Russert built the brand and it needed a host with stature to honor his accomplishment and keep it viable. Such as that was, times are changing and trends are shifting. To remain relevant the program is prime for rejuvenation. David Gregory will bring it. He'll undoubtedly draw a whole new audience. He'll attract a new generation of guests to interview.

How refreshing it can be! Seeing the youth movement gain momentum. Having more opportunity to listen to how they think and what they have to say. They are maturing into the leadership of our country. There will be no going back. We are the generation whose time it is to adapt. Our reality will become but memory. Their reality is what will guide how we live.

This is but one more passing of the torch. May it's flame burn long and bright.


Betty said...

I like the choice of David Gregory, too. I was impressed with the way he asked questions of President Bush during press conferences. Tom Brokaw has always been a favorite of mine, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want another full-time job.

Word Tosser said...

I will have to check him out....

I remember watching Lawrence Spipvak (not sure of the spelling)in the 60's or was it the 50's when I was still living at home..

cconz said...

i like brokaw too, i don't know anything about david gregory. If he's ok in your book i'm sure he's a good choice. I'm all for out with the old (ideas) and in with the new. The worlds changing and we have go with the flow.