Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Republican Wins Good For The Country

Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss has won his bid for re-election. Many thank Sarah Palin for his win. That is a bit frightening and says little for the strength of the candidate, but he did prevail. Al Franken is trying every trick in the book and then some to deny Republican Norm Coleman a win in their recount but Coleman still leads by the most narrow of margins. I sincerely hope Coleman wins.

This from the person who practically bled blue this past election cycle? Yep. I bled blue for Obama; not a filibuster proof Senate. Even before the election was decided and there appeared to be a possibility that the Democrats would make huge gains, the warning flags went up. The Democrats didn't even try to conceal their hubris. It concerned me.

With comments from Barney Frank regarding the economic melt down suggesting we'd just print more money to the Senate Democrats giving Joe Lieberman a complete pass on his infidelity with the Republicans, I knew instinctively that bi-partisan co-operation was not a part of their game plan.

Now they are going to have to work a bit harder to get their legislative agenda passed. That could mean huge wins for us. We, the people. They are going to have to write it in such a way Republicans will vote for it which means more centrist than either side would like.

We may have been promised change from the top, but these old war horses in the House and Senate aren't going to change their ways unless we threaten them with the glue factory.

We see a strong cabinet being put together; huge egos aside, it contains a powerhouse of expertise and ability. That's the Executive Branch. We can't change Congress quite as quickly but we can make inroads until they too realize there is too much at stake for us to tolerate their shenanigans. Al Franken, you might take note, should you win.

So once again, it's as it should be. Power divvied up so no one party holds it all. Two years from now they'll get their report card and the administration will get a not so sneak preview of how they're doing. We may not really be able to send them to the glue factory but we sure as heck can keep putting them out to pasture!


Sylvia K said...

I do agree with you, we don't need the Democrats believing they can rule the world -- just as many have egos the size of Republicans and we do need balance so they don't do to us what the Republicans have done over the past eight years. Yeah, imagine thanking Palin for anything???? So be it!

John Dwyer said...

It was this same desire for division of powers that alarmed me about a Democrat becoming President while the Democrats controlled the legislature. Now I feel better that they have to deal with each other. I still do not totally understand why the fringes control both parties.