Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to Avoid Paying Taxes And Get A Pass

Get appointed to a high level Obama administration post! Okay. I'm now thoroughly disgusted. The media has lionized Obama. He promised us hope and change. What I hoped for was change! Instead it looks like the good old boy network of that private club called the U.S. Senate is alive and well. And boy, am I disappointed in Obama.

Last week on Chris Matthews, as I mentioned in a previous post, Bob Woodward let it be know that the tax issues concerning Obama appointees wasn't over. The week wasn't out before the next name came to the surface. Tom Daschle. Not only is he a former Senator, but was the majority leader and had served in the Senate for eons!

I'm sorry, but owing back taxes amounting to $128,000 is inexcusable. Geitner, as our new Treasury Secretary, was bad enough. Now Daschle. The Senate has given them both a gentleman's pass. Rather like the passing grades Bush got at Yale and Harvard! And don't tell me it was an "honest" mistake! Especially Daschle - he helped make the very laws he has chosen to scoff! Plus the fact, no matter how many "people" he has, he has to sign the return. Just like the rest of us.

I'm even more disappointed with the idea that Obama has allowed these passes to be given. Poor Bill Richardson must be scratching his head in wonder.

If Geitner and Daschle are the only men capable of handling the jobs to which they've been appointed, this country is in a far bigger mess than we realize. It also makes me wonder how many winks were exchanged in Hillary's confirmation regarding Bill's financial dealings for his Library and Foundation.

I'll give on one point - transparency. To a degree. It has been made public. No one on down the road can say "we had no idea". But in so knowing, that they they are still allowed to serve tells me "politics as usual" is flourishing in the Obama administration and I am extremely disappointed.

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Word Tosser said...

As I said in my post on 1/20/09 Obama is just a man. So I don't think he should be treated any different. And yes, I voted for me. He gave me hope... but I along with you, are seeing the fringes of the E in hope unraval at the edges. I hope this is the only part we see. But I am not happy with a couple of things so far. The federal abortion for foreign countries, does not please me at all. These appt. do not please me either. Why a pass, when you and I would be hit with fees of several things if we were even $100 behind. I don't get it.