Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Joe The War Correspondent

Wow! The fewer qualifications you have the better job you can get! Heck, I ought to be Michelle Obama's Press Secretary! I was browsing around and found this AP headline: Joe the Plumber to become war correspondent. Yep. He's being sent to Israel to cover the Gaza war. Let's see. Samuel J. Wurzelbacher. He could be Jewish. Which would give pause to the credibility of his reporting. But then if he's German, that would too! Never mind the fact that he's not even licensed as a plumber what's more a journalist!

He told WNWO-TV in Toledo he'll be spending ten days covering the fighting. From safely behind the lines I'm sure. Even the likes of NBC's Richard Engel are being kept on the Israeli side of the border. That's probably okay for his purposes though. He just wants to let "Israel's average Joes' share their story." I won't look for objective journalism here!

The big question, however, is who would hire him? It wouldn't be MSNBC. They are far too liberal these days and already have a full roster of "personalities". FOX. It must be FOX. The icon of conservative reporting. Nope. As lopsided as their viewpoint is, they for the most part have reporters with at least a modicom of journalistic experience. None of the major networks nor CNN would send him. That duty is reserved for their anchors. Then who?

Searching, searching. Here we are. A conservative web site.

What does PJTV stand for? Pajamas TV. Seriously.

Oh well. Yawn.


Word Tosser said...

Allen Barton and Roger L. Simon talk about Joe the Plumber's mission in Israel and they analyze the headlines he's been making since he singed on as a PJTV correspondent.
PJTV needs a prove reader... he is signed on or maybe he is singing after all...

There was a movie years ago, that this has nothing to do with the movie itself...but the title of it.

Sylvia K said...

Good Lord! what next? There are more idiots out there than even I thought. Indeed the God's must be crazy! That was a fun movie though which is more than I can say for Joe the Plumber!

James W said...

Funny that, "He might be Jewish" line. Of course we all know that no journalist has ever fabricated anything in their stories, that is if you don't count CBS, CNN, ABC, AP, Reuters, NBC, BBC, AFP, etc.