Monday, January 12, 2009

Money, Money Everywhere Except In My Pocket

One of the big things often talked about when someone makes a slip is "perception". I wonder if the powers about to be have ever though of the "perception" we're getting for the cost of the upcoming inauguration.

Here we are in the midst of, as we are often reminded, the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Billions are being spent and are going to be spent to try to stabilize an economic "melt down" that is now world wide.

The Bush inauguration cost in the area of $30 million. The Obama inauguration is going to cost around $50 million. That isn't pocket change!

At the time of the conventions I didn't think much of it when each party was allocated $50 million. I thought it a little pricey but it was a passing thought. That was before a sink hole developed under the money tree! But we now know. I wish this was part of some grand plan for their promised stimulus package, but I know it isn't.

What makes it even harder to swallow is that the automatic Congressional pay raises that are due to go into effect. This year they are getting $4,700 dollars. There are 556 members of Congress. That's a cool $2,613,200! Considering their average work week is two and a half days, when they actually are in session, that's pretty nice money.

Money well spent? That's open for debate. But $150,000,000 for the inauguration and conventions? Come on! Those are parties!

Maybe that too is part of the stimulus plan. If you party hardy enough on your own dollars you won't feel the pain. Except from the hangover.

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Word Tosser said...

no, the trick is the party hardy on someone else's money, like they do..