Thursday, January 08, 2009

SOMEone Has GOT To Stop Shooting!

The Israelis are smart all right. The timing of their retaliation against the rocket lobbing of Hamas was designed to take place during the transition of power in the U.S. so no clear cut policy was in place.

Even though Obama has stated time and again there is but one President at a time, it hardly seems so. He's getting all the face time and news conferences yet Bush still holds the office. Therefore it has been a convenience to him to say little about the conflict in Gaza other than to protest the killing of civilians.

I'm not laying all of this on the Israelis. Nor do I blame them for taking advantage of the timing to try to end the attacks once and for all. They are unlikely to succeed.

I do ache for both the Israeli and the Palestinian citizens who are bearing the brunt of the mayhem. Military casualties are either being under reported or both sides are far better than I'd expect. It's the civilians; the women and children who are starving, denied medical attention because of the lack of supplies and facilities and being slaughtered.

I don't envy Hillary Clinton the task she will be facing in a few short days. The war, as one might expect has escalated. Hezbollah, the other "H" word, has raised it's ugly head from Lebanon. Hamas and Hezbollah. Brothers under the skin. They use similar tactics to keep the citizenry in line. They provide schools and hospitals and the like out of one hand while lobbing missiles into Israel out of the other. Now they've joined forces.

Lebanese militants lobbed three rockets into Israel today. Of course Israel returned fire. Eleven more people were killed in Gaza bringing the total to nearly 700 over thirteen days.

Now what? As much as I'd like to believe diplomacy will work there is no evidence that it has a chance. If it is undertaken at all it seems to do little more than provide breathing space, allowing all side to regroup and strengthen. That Israel, with all it's superior military power, is unable to eliminate it's adversaries, perhaps it's time to let them fight it out to it's ultimate conclusion without our intervention or our money.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Yes, for those of you who will remind me of all the accords granting Israel the right of a homeland, I understand that. They have it now. They've had our financial support in the billions of dollars. Should we not expect to see some positive results?

It's harsh. I know. But as I sit here listening to all the hype about the new administration and it's hope for change, I'm well aware of where some of those aid dollars could be put to better use. Here. For us.

What's the saying, "Money doesn't buy happiness"? It doesn't buy peace either. Maybe it's time we realize we cannot babysit the rest of the world while our own are wanting!


Word Tosser said...

what is the old saying... Charity starts at home?

Rinkly Rimes said...

I feel like an old-time Mum wanting to 'knock their heads together'! I do believe that the Palestinians would wreak as much havoc on the Israelis if they had the power, though. Neither side seems to concerned about babies!

Linda said...

I just want the US to even up the aide. It's massively one sided. The fight isn't equal, or perhaps it is, the US and Israel against the Arab world. That doesn't sound like a solution either. I don't expect peace. We just have to keep putting the lid on the boiling pot when it boils over, hoping to settle it down again to a simmer.

Margie's Musings said...

But the worst was yesterday when the relief people got permission ahead of time and assurances from Israel that they would be given safe passage to bring in supplies for the Palestinians. then Israel opened fire on them and killed one truck driver and injured several other workers.

That's the last straw for me. Israel needs to lose all our financial aid. Let them manage on their own if they are going to pull stunts like that.

Anonymous said...

Collateral damage is always the tragedy of war. Senseless and brutal.

After the U.N. vote, the British occupation forces turned over all of their weaponry to the Arabs prior to leaving Israel. The
Arab forces then commenced the attack. We must remember the history of this tragic conflict. As we retailiated after 9/11, so have the Israelis. It has nothing to do with American financial aid. Should our financial aid cease, the conflict would not.

A very good question, "positive results". What would you like the answer to be?

American sends financial aid to Israel not to further the war with the Arab nations (who are determined to destroy Israel) but to insure that a legally formed state can survive.

Thank you for listening to another opinion. That is what makes blogging great.