Thursday, February 12, 2009

An American Political Primer

If ever one needed a primer to explain how American politics works or doesn't, just reference the first three weeks of the Obama administration.

It reminds me of the M*A*S*H episode where Major Burns goads Klinger and Zale into a fight; they orchestrate the battle to do in Burns and together knock him cold with one well coordinated punch. That's what the Republicans and Democrats are doing to Obama. Forget about the country. It's partisan politics as usual.

I'm actually beginning to feel sorry for Obama. Softening partisan politics, no easy chore to begin with, is one thing, but his own people and party are letting him down. And I might add, us.

Pelosi, who acts like she runs the country, throws a hissy fit when Reid tries to roll her. The procedure for choosing cabinet members has been an absolute disaster. Now Republican Senator Gregg has withdrawn his name for Secretary of Commerce citing irresolvable conflicts regarding the stimulus package and the census.

He knew of these issues before his name was put forward. All his platitudes about the honor of being considered and his admiration for the President ring false. Why did he even entertain the idea?

Now that he will retain his Senate seat the stimulus bill will be in peril when it comes back to the Senate. Will Snow, Collins and Specter, the three Republicans who voted with the Democrats, do so again? My guess is their leadership is leaning on them pretty hard to change their votes.

Actually, this may be good for the country in the long run. Things seem to be muddling along. The DOW is inching upward ever so slightly, but upward never-the-less. Maybe businesses who deserve to fail should do so. Those who are strong will pick up the slack. Other than the nostalgia of seeing brand names go away, is there really a good reason to keep GM and Chrysler afloat? Remember Studebaker or Nash? I do. Do I miss them? No. Ten years down the road who will miss GM or Chrysler. There are already others out there ready to absorb the market share. But whatever. Perhaps the die is cast.

Once the stimulus issue is settled, the media should return to reporting on other pressing matters like the escalation of violence in Afghanistan and the elections in Israel and the upcoming one in Iran.

If Obama thinks getting the stimulus package is tough, he hasn't seen anything yet. Especially if Netanyahue gets the nod to form a government over Livini and even if he doesn't! What if Ahmajinidad prevails in Iran over challenger Khatami!

What will Congress be doing? Who knows. They could still be agonizing over what is and what is not stimulus. Or they could just be posturing. They do it so well.

Yep. Political theater with an adoring audience in the media. Thumbs up or thumbs down? Two years will tell the tale. The only bright spot is that when asked if he would run for office, Joe the Plumber answered that he isn't sure we deserve him. At least someone has gotten something right!


Anonymous said...

I'm not in congress, however I know what is and is not "stimulus". And this bill is not...what it is, is "Pelosi Pork". CU

Word Tosser said...

I am sick of them hashing out with their own faces on tv to tell how great they are.... I want them to settle down and think of the people FIRST... too bad everyone can't be thrown out and start again with fresh faces...I think this is were the saying of THROW THE BUMS OUT, comes in.

Anonymous said...

Chuckle...I do remember Studebaker and Nash. Studebaker made that car that looked the same coming and going. Apparently, those are worth big money today. Go figure! Nash made the car that looked like an overturned bathtub. And I don't miss them either. Nor would I miss GM or any of the other bloated over priced American auto makers. They might not be in such bad shape today if they made a product that lasted more than 3 years. The problem of course, is the loss of jobs. CU

Sansego said...

I am still clueless why "Joe the Plumber" kepts getting interviewed by the media. He revealed his ignorance in the campaign. It just seems like the media was trying to prop him up like the real life version of that Kevin Costner bomb "Swing State."

Joe the Plumber said he didn't like McCain and admitted to voting for the ticket because of Palin. However, I'm not convinced that his reasons for liking Palin are entirely political.

Margie's Musings said...

How well I agree.

I too remember those old obsolete autos. One of my boyfriends had a Nash.

I would never miss GM. Every Chevy and Pontiac I ever owned keep me broke with repairs. I had a Toyota for ten years and only spent upkeep on it. I now have a Honda that has 114,000 miles on it and runs like a charm. I used to sell Ford and Chrysler products and they weren't much better.

American auto companies used planned obsolescence to sell autos.

They got what they asked for.