Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tone Deaf Or Do They Just Not Care?

I'm happy and sad all at the same time. I'm happy that Malia and Shasha will finally have their long awaited puppy. I'm sad that it isn't a rescue dog or a "pound puppy". The caveat that the Portuguese Water Dog is one of a very few breeds that does not exacerbate allergies doesn't quite cut the muster with me. The main reason is that another being considered was a Labradoodle.

From the moment it became known the girls had been promised a puppy if they behaved well during the campaign there was a movement afoot for the First Family to adopt either a rescue dog or a pound puppy. Petitions were sent out by various animal welfare groups. I know I signed one I received from Best Friends , an organization we have supported for years. I even wrote a post as an open letter to the girls that was picked up by the Chicago Sun Times.

Pure breeds need homes too. I realize that. Bacchus is a pure breed and it's no secret I love him to pieces. With the Obama's however, this seems to be one more item in a list that's growing indicating they are either tone deaf or don't care. I haven't yet decided which.

One does not bow to a King. Especially a Saudi King. I've looked at the film from every angle available and I cannot see how it was not a bow. The Saudi's must have loved it. One does not touch the Queen. It doesn't matter if she touches you first and it doesn't matter that she was most gracious in letting it go rather than embarrassing the new first lady.

Now the puppy. A gift from Senator Edward Kennedy to whom Obama owes a great deal. In of itself that's fine, but I'd have a lot more respect for Obama if he had admitted that's why they chose the dog - it was a gift from a cherished friend. No spin.

Trying to soothe opinion by saying they plan to make a large contribution to the Humane Society suggests to me they know they've perhaps erred. While the contribution will be greatly appreciated, it isn't at all the same.

I'm beginning to realize that although Obama is far more articulate, with the aid of his ever present teleprompters, than his predecessor, and certainly well educated, I'm beginning to wonder if he's smart.

That also goes for those advising him.


Anonymous said...

Jackpot! Actually protocol dictates that an American president does not bow to any man. And you have hit the nail squarely on the head, one can be educated and articulate. It doesn't necessarily follow that one is smart! CU

Anonymous said...

Quote the protocol of gtfo