Sunday, April 05, 2009

We're Tolerating This Why?

I really get angry every time I read an account of the violence against women in countries in which we are fighting. Another Dogwalk solution. Maybe I ought to change the name of my blog to Dogwalk Solutions. A simple, non-sensical way of problem solving! Either they outlaw their barbaric treatment of women or they can go it on their own. No aid. No troops. Nothing from the U.S.. Nada!

Late last week I read where there is a new Afghan law that makes it legal for a man to rape his wife. They have even put a time frame on it - the right to have intercourse every fourth night and that the wife is "bound" to respond to her husband's desires. No wonder the opium trade flourishes. Women probably indulge to escape the miserable existence they are forced, by law, to endure!

Politics? You bet. It is reported President Karzai, whose joke of a government we're trying to keep in place, signed the law to bolster his chances for re-election. How much more disgusting can it get?

Quite a bit. A video is making the rounds of a Pakistani woman being publicly flogged . Pakistan, the "ally" who is supposedly helping with the Afghanistan war. Pakistan, who just cut a deal with the Taliban to reinstitute Shiia law in the Swat Valley to keep the peace for themselves.

A spokesman for the Swat Taliban defended the punishment but conceded it should not have been done in public and should have been carried out by a prepubescent boy. Nothing like instilling acceptable behavior in the young!

Why do I write about such topics on Sunday? Maybe as we sit in church contemplating good and evil we might consider what is repugnant to us is law to those we would defend.

All I can do is repeatedly ask, "Why?"


Anonymous said...

You know, I'm just out of words on this subject. It is so deplorable that words really do not do the subject justice. We can't stop behavior that has endured for centuries. Muslim men must be the most insecure creatures in existance. Why else this degradation of women other than to inflate themselves. We can't change them, but we should not indulge them. Call me a bigot, call me a racist or anything else. IMO Muslims are the most disgusting deplorable of creatures. They are unworthy of respect and their Allah is a pig! CU

TropiGal said...

I take exception to calling a diety a pig, as what we are dealing with is humans' interpretations of Allah, God, Father Sun, etc..

When I was a young reporter in the 1970s, I covered many women's rights issues right here in the U.S., including changes in rape laws and the way cases are tried in court and covered in the media. At that time in most states, a husband could not rape his wife.

That is to say, the legal definition of rape excepted sexual relations between a married couple. Basically, a man had the right to treat his wife anyway he wanted and could not be prosecuted for it. By recalling how relatively recently this frame of mind prevailed in the U.S. -- and, I am quite sure, in the minds of some males today -- perhaps we can have a bit of patience with societies that are hoisting themselves into the 21st century. I am not expessing approval for the law; rather I am suggesting a strong dose of forebearance in our ethnocentrism.

Anonymous said...

Allah is most certainly NOT a Diety. Explain to me how one could qualify him as that. The treatment of women is directed by Allah through the Quran. CU

Anonymous said...

And I hardly think deploring the degradation and physical torture of women qualifies as ethnocentrism. Sorry, I really take strong exception to that. The Muslim world isn't hoisting themselves anywhere. They are most happy where they are.

As for my concern for Muslim women, I would call that compassion!! CU