Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pleading The 10th!

I'm not kidding here folks. It's really time for the administration to stop and smell the flowers! The public is becoming frightened by the power grab the Feds are pulling for the sake of what? Hope? I hope they stop soon! Change? That wasn't supposed to mean Federal intervention in every aspect of our lives whether or not it's wanted or needed.

Don't try to tell me the bailouts and stimulus programs are working. Yes, the market has been going up and there are other indicators that the worst might be over. For that to be true, it means things were on the way to turning around before Obama was even in office. The bulk of the money he has allocated to his various schemes has yet to be dispersed and the requirements for receiving same are being made up as they go along.

Fortunately, someone has taken notice and are beginning to leave the grease off the wheel. Actually the rumblings the states were feeling things were amiss at the Federal level began with Alaska's Sarah Palin spot lighting her state. Before that how many of us knew there were rumblings about secession way up north?

Just a week or so ago, during the tea party period, Texas Governor Rick Perry made similar noises and now the Oklahoma legislature is putting the Federal Government on notice with an effort to claim their sovereignty!

What's with all this discontent? Too much too soon and too many toes being stepped on. While it's nice we have an energetic young President who is determined to get things done, there's a bit too much stumbling going on. I watched Hillary Clinton sit with Afghanistan's Karzai and Pakistan's Zardari and apologize, one more time, for civilian deaths. It's war. Civilian's get killed. If they can do better then do so!

We've accepted a share of the blame for the drug wars in Mexico. We still can't decide what torture consists of and what's permissible. We're still being asked to pour additional billions into the auto companies and the banks. We're forcing banks who don't want it to take it and now are not allowed to pay it back. Why? The Feds would lose control where it isn't even needed! The same with the states.

And therein lies the problem. The states and that pesky 10th amendment which reads:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
For a man who is supposedly well versed in Constitutional Law, I'd like to know what sort of grades our President got in applicable courses.

Of course none of the states are going to secede. We are the "United" States for good reason. Like the constant noises Quebec makes about leaving Canada, it's fodder for leverage and little else. They need Canada. All our states need what the Federal Government has to offer too. Should we have another Katrina or if Mt. Redoubt really blows, the Feds are needed.

The states are merely letting the Feds know they're pushing the envelope. So did the people with something as simple as a tea party. The question is, will the Feds hear or do we need to supply them with an ear trumpet?


Margie's Musings said...

I am still waiting for someone to come up with an alternate plan that would work better.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note what the administrations reply was to the "Tea Parties". Basically they claimed that the events were attended by "old people" and "uneducated" people, both of which were too stupid of befogged to understand what the govt. was doing. Utterly preposterous. Was this the best the "in group" could do? Or did they feel that by belittling the public (whom they are supposed to be serving) they could negate the message. Barry is a socialist, possibly worse. As one news reader on CNN stated, he is a wonk and is surrounded by wonks. It is interesting to note that said newscaster supports Barry. There is little that can be done until the next Congressional election. By then it may be impossible to accurately calculate the damage done by this govt. CU

TropiGal said...

Who is the Barry that is referred to in this post?

I agree that the feds need to slow down on the economic intervention. Focus on the Big Problem -- Health Care Insurance -- and forget about saving banks who do not want to be saved, car companies who ought to go into Chapter 11, and the Cash for Clunkers program that will only help people who can afford new cars, not people who are living in their cars and most need help.

I also think Obama might stay out of the media for just a bit.

Good post, Mari.

Dogwalkmusings said...

My other half refers to Obama as "Barry" which was how he was known growing up. CU knows this and has adopted it for her own use.