Monday, May 11, 2009

Powell And The Moderates Versus The Republicans

Opinionating along political lines is getting more and more difficult these days. It's akin to being a moderate in either party.

I've always considered myself pretty much a middle of the road type, finding merit where it may be regardless of party. These days however, to look for it is considered betrayal and finding it is nigh on to impossible.

The Democrats, regardless of what they say, are the party of big government and even bigger spending. I have no idea what the Republicans are any more. It's hard to be an equal opportunity commenter when you can't pin down what they stand for in order to comment on it! What's more contrast it.

One part of the party, represented so well by Dick Cheney, clings to times past. He makes the circuit of Sunday talk shows quite frequently trying to convince us the policies of the current administration have put the country at high risk. On the other hand he tells us on Face the Nation , in his continuing effort to discredit Colin Powell, that he didn't realize Powell was still a Republican! How can he be so positive about the state of our national security now that he is no longer privy to current briefings yet not know one of the most respected men in the country has indeed remained a Republican?

How, too, can he endorse the blatherings of Rush Limbaugh, the titular "head" of the Republican party, over the thoughtful insight of Powell? He may not agree with Powell, but to side with Limbaugh's way of thinking, for instance, the reason for Powell's endorsement of Obama was because they are both black, seems to me to be a man out of touch with reality. Or is it just bitter spite? Limbaugh? Hannity? Ingraham? Please! They are not the voices of any party I could be interested in. They preach devisiveness!

Then we have the listening tour with Jeb Bush, Romney and Virginia Representative Eric Cantor trying to find out how to attract people to the big tent. I have a few suggestions. Get over Roe versus Wade and Gay Marriage issues. And quit allowing the religious right be the loudest voice with all their dictates. Moderates and independents will never even look at the tent unless it becomes more broad based.

They also need to get over Ronald Reagan. He was a good man, and to the Republican way of thinking he was the right man for his time. But that time is long past; the country and the times are vastly different.

At the moment I find it extremely frustrating that the Republicans are so totally rudderless. It's like we have the Democrats without opposition. There are certainly no ideas coming forth to counter everything being protested.

The Democrats should be sitting in the catbird seat, but no. They can't find common ground among themselves. Now that the first 100 days hyperbole is over, it makes me wonder just how long it will be until the nation is totally frozen in it's tracks.


Word Tosser said...

the Republican seem to be running around telling us the sky is falling and crashing into each other as they do it..
The head Democrats seem to be so busy spouting about how they have control.. that they are forgetting the people..
Hopefully as the next election comes up... the people will show THEY are in control and vote out a lot of these blowhearts on both sides.

Margie's Musings said...

Agreed, Word Tosser.