Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Animal Fare

Saturday morning I was in the bathroom splinting my finger when I glanced out the window and saw a deer staring back! Wow. Our yard is fenced and Bacchus was out there somewhere. It was really cool.

I miss seeing deer in the yard. When we lived in Rochester we had them all day every day. I never tired of seeing them. Here, we live on the prairie and while deer are plentiful they like more cover than we have. She was back yesterday morning too though I'm sure she'll move on soon if she hasn't already. Oh, yeah, Bacchus was sound asleep at the end of the deck and never moved.

When he did move he was snorting and coughing so hard I was afraid he'd have a heart attack. Hub assured me it was just allergies. It continued all day, getting worse, and I was becoming quite concerned.

By Sunday morning I was so concerned I suggested calling WSU to see if it was really allergy or a combination of that and his heart. They had us bring him in and since it was a group of new people unfamiliar with Bacchus and his problems they were at a loss as to what to think. They sent us home to follow up with our vet. 200+ miles and several hours later I'd decided having a medical emergency on Sunday does not bode well. Fortunately Hub was correct; I was the one being paranoid.

Today we had the follow up x-rays done and his heart is fine. Well, let's just say his condition is stable. The allergy issue was just that. We're trying a new medication to see if it will make him more comfortable. Other than that Benedryl will do. I did get the "I told you so" when I got home.

All this got me to thinking, the last time I posted about visiting Ollie I alluded to a goose that had come in for treatment while I was there. My blogging friend Linda wanted to know about him so this one, once again, is for Linda! Uncle Raymond, the goose, is doing just fine. They pinned his leg and it's expected he'll make a full recovery.

Back to business as usual. My finger splint is history, and the stitches removed. With that in mind I'm ready to tackle Obama's health care plans! Maybe tomorrow.


Linda said...

It was wonderful seeing Uncle Raymond. I do love geese (from a distance). They're not full of cuddles so I try not to push my luck.

I'm not going near that health care plan. I'm greatly concerned about it but it's too early to even guess what we're going to wind up with on that subject. I don't do very well with most domestic issues.

Iran, you got me. I'm hooked on Iran now, trying to keep up with what's happening there.

Let me know when the health care debate, seating the new Supreme Court justice, and the economy have all been resolved. I cannot bear to read about it or watch it.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Oh my! On that basis we may never again have reason to communicate! ; )

Sylvia K said...

Glad Bacchus is doing ok, know that made for a nervous Sunday! I hate those!