Thursday, June 04, 2009

Being All Things To All People Won't Work Forever

We had to drive to Pullman today to get another month's supply of medicine for Bacchus. During the time we listened to Ingraham, Limbaugh and Hannity dissect Obama's speech.

I found from the actual sound bites that nothing much of substance was said. It seemed to me to be mostly platitudes. Considering where he was that was probably prudent, but I'm wondering how it will be received in the rest of the world.

For some time now, in his major speeches, Obama seems to be an apologist for things that have happened before his watch. It has been happening so often it's beginning to sound like we've never done anything right. Which of course, is incorrect, even under George W's administration.

Something else that seems to be more and more prevalent is how Obama is trying to be all things to all people. He involved his Muslim heritage to a fare-thee-well in today's speech yet he ran from it during his campaign. He reiterates our bond with Israel yet defends the Palestinians right for their own state. Never mind that they had one before it was split up to form Israel. He defended Iran's right to have nuclear power yet while elsewhere insists they will never be able to develop a bomb. He does not believe they intend anything else. In other words, every word that was uttered was parsed for the audience which may cause more skepticism than anything else.

What he is doing is not exactly what I would call diplomacy. That concerns me. Diplomacy is when two sides have differing views and negotiate to find a common area of agreement from which to build.

He speaks of how we can all live in peace if only we can find that common starting point. Therein lies the fallacy. Take the government out of the equation, there is little common ground between the western and Islamic worlds. They beat their women, behead their captives and thumb their nose at the world order. We stew. Let's face it. The Islamic world does not like us. It's not because they don't understand us; they do. It's because they believe, and rightfully so, we (the west) want to change the way they live and what they believe. As it stands the chance of the two sides ever seeing eye to eye is remote.

I don't think I will ever see in what's left of my life, Americans embracing the Muslim community that resides within our border what's more around the world. There is too much bad water under the bridge and too much instilled fear.

It's time for Obama to come home and listen to the growing concerns the people he was elected to serve have concerning too many of his policies. He's had his say. W's administration was bad and we're sorry. Okay. Enough said. If there is any additional placating to be done, have Islamic leaders come to us and explain why they cling to their beliefs and justify them to us. The same for Israel. Come on over and explain to us why you won't budge on the illegal settlements which is a huge roadblock in the "peace" process.

No one seems to care how we, the people, feel about any of this. We're not as uninformed nor complacent as may be thought. We understand our culture is slowly being changed without our stamp of approval. Car companies being saved because of a "brand" that will be forced to build cars we don't want, won't buy and in no way will begin to resemble what the "brand" was initially representing! We understand the Republicans are providing no counter argument nor action nor leadership. We understand that soaring rhetoric that can't be delivered without the aid of teleprompters does not mean a thing without some substance behind it yet none is forthcoming.

We understand. Oh, yes we do. That's why, as innocuous as it may seem today, a new militia is being formed in upstate Idaho and gun sales are soaring. That, my friends, is the real handwriting on the wall of what's brewing barely beneath the surface in this country. We understand. We are not the ones who are tone deaf. One can only hope those in power are not totally blind too.


Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm not as politically aware as you and I'm in Australia, but the thing that struck me about the speech (and I admit to being impressed) was the way the audience applauded the very things we would like them to applaud. Even if only THAT is achieved I think it's terrific.

Linda said...

I missed Obama's speech this morning but took time out this afternoon to stop and watch it on video.

Did he give two speeches today?

The one I heard wasn't anything like the one you heard.

Hope your finger is doing well.

Margie's Musings said...

I also watched and listened to Obama's speech and got exactly the opposite impression from yours. I felt he was making every effort to make peace with the Muslim world...carefully. Just what we need...a diplomatic approach instead of flying off the handle and alienating the rest of the world. After all, we do have to live on this planet together. Why not try yo do it peacefully...

And let's face it, George W. did do a lot of harm to the country with his cowboy approach to every issue.

Anonymous said...

First...please do not apologize to the Muslim world on my behalf. We owe them no apologies and I'm still waiting for an apology for 9/11. The Muslim world has, down through the ages, hated all "infidels". Their word, not mine. They are exhorted to kill all infidels. So when an American president panders to them, it is not on my behalf. Does anyone really believe that this flippy floppy rhetoric fools the Muslim world. Some tout this speech as being a diplomatic tour de force. For whom I would ask. To the Muslim world it shows weakness on behalf of an American president. No wonder they applauded! All presidents do some harm, can't be helped. But this president has not yet managed to do anything but harm! His fiscal policies have burdened generations to come, without being of any benefit whatsoever to our problems today. He abuses the perks of office at taxpayer expense. He is seemingly unaware of the problems of "everyman". He has been annointed a Messiah, without any substantial accomplishments for this title. He is wrapped in the cocoon of media protection. If the news readers and the majority of press laud every word on his teleprompter as pearls of wisdom, he and his puppeteer, RE, gloat happily at the stupidity, nay gullibility of America. Worse, so do our enemies. Does anyone who slavishly adores this man truly think the Muslim world will change?

Those in power are totally blind and tone deaf, simply because they neither want to see or hear. They are drunk with power and this country will ultimately suffer mightly for it.

I was not happy with everything W. did. But he didn't do any lasting harm. The liberal agenda blames the financial chaos on the W. presidency. I would remind them that he was dealing with a Democratic congress who blackmailed the banks into the disasterous loans. This started in the Clinton administration...sorry liberals.
We are all stewing in that juice. CU

Word Tosser said...

DM, you probably think all your friends are ganging up on you. And none of us feel that way.. I guess it is called Agree to disagree..

I,too, like the above, found it to be a good speech. To make it in a general thought... I thought he was good to point out that we understand your problems and I am hear to tell you, we think it is up to you to fix your own problems. We understand that it is hard to undo everything in the past. We haven't been doing it that well ourselves. The fact that he understands the Muslin life, it a plus to me. Too many times the USA has jumped in to fix thing, and forgetting the culture of the country. Just because things work here, doesn't mean it does there. Our clumsy way of taking care of Iraqi(where we had no business going), the giving to Israel the land of the Palestine's with out thought of the culture of the people who live on that land.. all clumsy acts.
While others think he didn't say enough... I found finally our President didn't take charge and tell them how. Just how he hoped they could find a common ground.

Sorry about the length.

Dogwalkmusings said...

I don't think my friends are ganging up on me at all. Part of what I enjoy about my own blog is that others feel comfortable enough to disagree with me. I respect their opinions and agree with a lot that was said.

I just choose to look more deeply at the implications of what was said than the mere face value of the speech alone. I see everything tying together in the long run and much that was said appears to be giving a pass as to how we do and do not understand one another.

Extending a hand for cooperation is one thing; saying that we are not at odds with Muslims is quite another.

Because we are no matter how you couch it.

Anonymous said...

We are at war with the Muslims. Not just the fundamentalist terrorists, but the very basics of their core beliefs. And now Obama has signalled his weakness and total lack of comprehension of the Muslim goals. Not just foolish, but very dangerous.

On another front, Obama hasn't a clue about courtesy and diplomacy. When the president of an allied nation invites you to dinner, you do not decline. Rude simply doesn't cover this ignorance. Yet another cringe making gaffe by this man. Barack Obama was created by the media. He is a hollow man who is in way over his head. Wouldn't be too bad if he realized this and accepted advice. Apparently he believes his own press. Will America ever be able to untangle the web this man is weaving? CU