Monday, June 08, 2009

Who'd Have Thunk It!

Tough love works! After a dose of constipation and the reversal of same we decided no more bad diet. It worked. He's eating well now, he's alert and interested in everything, he's sleeping less and romping around like a kid. Well, as much as an old man can romp like a kid.

His cardiologist says it's because of our commitment to him. Maybe, somewhat. I give her the bulk of the credit. She concocted the "cocktail" that has kept him with us. Without it all the commitment in the world would have been for naught.
We of course are absolutely astounded and thrilled with the change in him. To look at him you'd never know he was suffering from congestive heart failure. Hmmm. Maybe there is something to eating a healthy diet!

There have been times when these updates have been difficult to write. He was doing that poorly. This one is pure joy. May it continue for a good long time!


Linda said...

It's hard to believe this is the same dog. I don't think I've ever seen such a change in an animal.

I bet we'd all have more energy if we ate a healthy diet.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if he could live a longer life. Is it possible he might improve enough to get off some of his medicines?

This dog looks like he has a new leash on life. I am so pleased for you.

Are you still giving him all those big pills? How's he coming along taking those.?

Dogwalkmusings said...


I doubt he'll ever go off any of his pills. They are what's regulating how his heart functions. And yes, he does still get those big ones - four twice a day.

We give them to him the hard way, but his reward is food. Healthy food.

I think he is so used to it, he just goes along with it. It's has been five months since he was diagnosed. That he has improved to the point he has makes the stress, the coddling, the pleading makes it well worth while. The point being he is enjoying his life and we are too, right along with him.

Margie's Musings said...

How wonderful! He's such a darling dog.

Word Tosser said...

High Five, gal... each day brings suprises... this is a wonderful one.

Sylvia K said...

I'm so very happy for all of your! He looks wonderful and I just know how happy and relieved both of you are! Great news to start the week!

Anonymous said...

I swear, he is smilling! CU