Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who's Doing The People's Work?

In a lot of respects, the people are. We're not getting straight answers from either side of the aisle on health care reform. Oops! It's now being termed "insurance reform" which is closer to what it should be.

I'm willing to wager a lot of folks turning up at the town hall meetings have done what Hub has done. Down loaded the bill and read it. Especially those in our age group. We're the ones targeted by most of the scare tactics. And a lot of the truths being obscured.

That being said, I was surprised to see how many lawmakers are off on junkets. Maybe they feel it's safe haven. If no one can question them, they don't have to answer.

I would think the health care issue is of enough importance they could have postponed many of these trips. After all, it's their constituency asking the questions and for everyone off on a junket, there are entire districts without a source of information which can be held accountable.

Who are some of these lawmakers and where are they? According to The Wall Street Journal they're off to Europe with their wife or island hopping around the Pacific. Why? Well, the dozen that are on a 10 day trip in the Pacific are supposedly studying how immigration laws are applied in the Marianas, a U.S. territory. I don't know. I'd be inclined to pick up the phone and ask.

They are also slated to visit Samoa, Hawaii, Guam and Palau. No doubt to see if it's a suitable place to park the Uighurs still in Guantanamo. I especially like Representative Ellison Twittering his way around Africa bemoaning the fact he caught the sniffles while studying gender based violence in Kenya. Gender based violence in Kenya?

According to the 2000 census, Ellison's district had a population of 614,935. In the 2008 Congressional elections 322,081 people voted. That's a fair chunk of people not having a town meeting during this Congressional recess. Multiply that by the district populations of the others and you're getting into real numbers.

The idea that people have gotten engaged is wonderful. That it has gotten unruly is not unexpected considering the vagueness of what's being proposed paired with the fact it affects all of us.

I give a big thumbs up to those who stayed home to face their constituents. After watching Senator Claire McCaskill, D-MO, stand her ground I've gained a lot or respect for her. Her answers did not satisfy many and that in of itself is the message.

Sort it out and get it right before passing it into law. I guess the Democrats on those junkets are so sure of their majority that they feel no need to subject themselves to their constituents.

They best enjoy their tax payer funded escapades. If bad legislation is what passes they may find a "staycation" might have been the better choice.


Word Tosser said...

If they are of the one color states (like ours being red) and it is their party... they probably figured they can't lose.
Funny thing, the Congressmen/women don't have time to read the over 1000 page health care bill, yet there are a lot of people who HAVE read the whole thing.
Instead of learning about other countries, they should be home reading...reading bills they plan on voting on.
This time the people are watching.. wonder who will make it next time around?

June Saville said...

Let's hope you do soon get a bit of equality and efficiency in your health care system DOGWALK.
June in Oz