Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mixed Message From The U.S.

Anytime you see these three together expect trouble! President for Life wannabe's Manuel Zelaya, deposed President of Honduras, Daniel Ortega, about to be President for Life in Nicaragua, and their mentor, Hugo Chavez, successful President for Life in Venezuela.

Mr. Ortega recently packed his Supreme Court with like minded judges who circumvented their constitution limiting presidential terms to two. He then declared the ruling could not be challenged. The door is now open for him to run as often as he wants, and like Chavez, literally become President for life.

Our State Department and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to their credit, wasted little time in questioning this action.

Mr. Zelaya tried to do the same thing not so long ago in Honduras. The Congress and the Supreme Court of that country put a stop to it. Their duty was to uphold the Constitution of their country and they did. With the help of the military Mr. Zelaya was escorted out of the country and though back on Honduran soil, is less than welcome.

The U.S. soundly condemned legal activity in Honduras calling it a coup. I have yet to figure out why. The military, from all I've been able to find, had no role in the decision to remove Zelaya from office yet the U.S. is calling it a coup.

We've even gone so far as to cut off aid.

We now have two anti-American dictatorships brewing in South America. Why is it we aren't supporting the country that rejected it? Legally? According to their laws and their constitution? It was not a military coup!

It makes me wonder just what side we are on and why. Do you suppose entire countries may be wondering the same thing?

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Margie's Musings said...

I think we are better off staying out of their internal affairs. We've done enough meddling.