Thursday, October 29, 2009

Politics ~ Theater Of The Absurd

Nancy has brought forth her health care reform that includes everything including the kitchen sink. It is bound to fail at some point. Obama is about to stiff the military and the fight against al Qaeda for political gains rather than victory.

Then there is the man in the picture. His name is William Bryk. He's an attorney who lives in Brooklyn. While living in Brooklyn he ran for the vice presidential nomination in New Hampshire in 2008. And won. New Hampshire law specifies one only need pay a $1,000 fee and have lived in the United States for 15 years. He won.

Now he has popped up as a challenger for our Senator, Mike Crapo. He's never been to Idaho. The closest he has come is Buffalo, New York! Not exactly in our back yard!

It seems he thinks Crapo, who had no challenger other than a write in last time he was elected, should not go unchallenged. What a noble thought.

It's not that he doesn't have some good ideas. He ran before because he was upset with Bill Clinton's personal conduct. I'm not sure what he planned to do about it.

He's worried about the decline of people's personal liberties. Boy, that fits well with this administration! Look at health care reform!
He said he's also alarmed about the nation's "arbitrary exercise of authority" and "interventions into countries that don't want them."

"I think we need to stop, slow down and think about what we should be doing."
That's all fine and dandy as far as generalities go, but he knows nothing about Idaho nor it's citizens. I should think an attorney could find better use of his time than this absurdity. He could run for office in New York state. What a novel concept. Run where you live!

Candidates come in all shapes and sizes and for a myriade of reasons. We have one race where the challenger admits to knowing nothing of the needs of the facing the district. Is willingness to learn enough?

I fell into the trap of no experience with Obama. I'm leary of it now. Especially on the local level. New blood is one thing, but knowledge of the issues is a whole different thing. A requirement I should think.

So. Mr. Bryk. Just stay home. If we want some one to challenge Mr. Crapo, we can find him on our own. If we want an out-of-state challenger we can look at Arnold Schwarzenneger! At least he has a home in Sun Valley.

Then again, if Mike Crapo has no challengers, just maybe it's an indication he's doing a good enough job no one figures they can beat him.

By the way, Idaho. You might consider tightening up that requirement to prevent more of this idiocy. There are too many important issues to concern ourselves with!


John Dwyer said...

It is so hard to get through a sentence with the words "CRAPO" in it. I kind of lose my train of thought. I think you and your fellow Idaho'ans are looking for a plumber with a torque wrench! Good luck.

Word Tosser said...

Also Arnold owns property in Hope