Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Sacrifice? Please!

Well, here they are, Michelle Obama and her "dear friend" and "chit chat buddy", Oprah. Isn't everything just hunky dory!

I'm totally disgusted by the tone deafness continually on display by the Obamas. Today is just one more example. There's no need to go into the details of how Chicago does business, nor the fact that Valerie Jarret, a close adviser to the President has holdings in the destitute areas due to be demolished for Olympic venues, that 47% of the people don't even want the Olympics, nor the fact I am becoming a conspiracy theorist, as I spoke of just a few days ago.

No. Today I'm picking up on what Byron York reported in the Washington Examiner. Oprah, Michelle and Obama's trip to Copenhagen to lobby for a Chicago Olympics is a "sacrifice" but they're doing it for the kids.

The blood is barely dry on the streets from where a 14 year old was chased down and beaten with a pipe leaving him in critical condition with a fractured skull. This follows on the footsteps of the death of 16 year old Darrion Albert who was beaten to death with planks wielded by a mob. There's two "kids" that won't be enjoying the Olympics!

Somewhat less violent but egregious none-the-less is the arrest of six charged with yanking an Olympic banner from the Daly Center's Picasso statue and tossing it into the "eternal" flame.

Sacrifice. Michelle and Oprah flying to Copenhagen on a U.S. government 757 and Obama on Air Force One. Sacrifice. What?

Meanwhile, the "new" strategy for Afghanistan awaits. Americans are still losing their jobs and homes. Soldiers are still losing their lives not knowing whether or not their own commander-in-chief is going to support them. You want to talk sacrifice? How about those men and women, not to mention their families!

When Michelle claims that as First Lady it has been a priority to "bridge the gap" between the White House and communities across D.C. and the country, she might need to look beyond the idea that where she came from setting foot in the White House was a dream kids never had.

Well, I can suggest a dream they might have. At fourteen and sixteen to be able to walk down the street without fearing for their lives! Having the Olympics in Chicago is probably not a dream they have either.

As for their friends and parents who weep for them, they may dream the "no snitch rule" becomes unenforcable because they no longer fear those who enforce it.

Oh my, oh my. Chicago has so much to sweep under the carpet they might well throw their hat in the ring for the winter Olympics. By the time they're finished the heap will surely equal Mt. Olympus! How's that for fanning the flame?


Word Tosser said...

me, on my knees with my hands together.... please oh, please pick RIO..

grammyof13 said...

Oh girl - you are right on. I wish I knew how to get more people looking at your blog. I'm doing all I can do.
Keep up the good work.

Margie's Musings said...


All large cities have these problems with violence. Near us, Tulsa has almost daily murders. I don't know what you have against the Obamas but it seems to be worsening. I am still trying to give him the benefit of the doubt even though I am unhappy with the way the war is going. I want him to get our women and men out of there and let those people run their own culture.

Nevertheless, it appears you are not happy with anything he is attempting to do. I do not think any city in America needs to have the Olympics right away either.

The president inherited the mess the country is in. The bailouts were begun during the Bush administration. His stimulus packages are his attempt to circulate some money again. Give the man a chance to see what can be done about it. I am only happy the Bush administration is not trying to handle the mess. It would only have got worse.

Word Tosser said...

RIO GOT IT!! yahoo.... they deserve it... they never have had one... I for one, am glad..