Friday, October 16, 2009

Some Prejudices Die Hard!

Basing his reason on observations, a Louisiana Justice of the Peace refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple. He claims not to be racist but rather he's concerned about the future of any children which might come from the union.

This in a town just shy of 18,000 in the latest census. How times are changing, and not. I can't help believe the gentleman truly believes what he says, no matter that he is breaking the law. In his life and his community he sees that mixed marriages tend not to last and that children tend to be shunned by both races.

I'm sure there are many pockets throughout the country where the same holds true. On a larger scale, however, interracial marriages are not so uncommon especially if you include other races in the equation. I have several friends who have had their children marry a different race. I have friends my age who have also, though it wasn't necessarily as easy for them as it is now.

This day and age I'm thinking the success of an interracial marriage has more to do with the man and woman involved far more than race. As for the children, well, that should come down to parenting. How the issue is handled within the family will prepare the child for life outside it. It should not come from the suppositions of a Justice of the Peace before children are even conceived, no matter how well meaning he may be.

Perhaps calls for his resignation should be heeded. The couple received their license from another Justice of the Peace in the same parish three days later.

When I think of interracial couples who are role models perhaps one should look at former Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen and his wife Janet.

As for the offspring of a mixed race couple, well I can think of one where the Grandparents accepted the challenge after the death of his mother. The marriage didn't last, but the boy was not shunned by family even though he bears the racial characteristics of his father more than those of his mother. All things considered, Barack Obama has done pretty well for himself.

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WR said...

Racism dies hard. It is always amazing how deeply hard wired these responses are and how easily folks can rationalize their misguided and hurtful beliefs.