Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Failure Is Not An Option"

Have we really come to this? Both the President and the Attorney General have stated, unequivocally, that Khalid Shaikh Mohammad and his co-defendants will be found guilty and executed. What an appalling statement.

It's not just the fear a lot of Americans have about these terrorists being brought to New York City to be tried in Federal Court. It's what the rest of the world is seeing. The reason behind this faulty exercise is to showcase how wonderful our justice system is. How the United States is the shining beacon on the hill of fairness.

Well, perhaps at one time. Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Even the most heinous of criminals, those we know are guilty, are given that right. So what about these self admitted terrorists? They've already confessed. Because there has to be a trial in a death penalty case even when one confesses. However, with those admissions having been obtained while they were under duress, how will it muddy the pool of evidence?

How can they possibly seat a jury of their peers? Or does that go by the wayside? What if no Muslim is in the jury pool? Would that be reason for appeal? Then add to it all that I've written in previous posts. It's a difficult situation now made more difficult.

It seems we're at a point where we see a decision not being made because Obama is "thinking things through" or a decision being made, credited to an underling, that has provoked a horrendous backlash. The underling, Mr. Holder, is bearing the brunt of the decision.

The troops in Afghanistan are bearing the brunt of the "thinking things through" mode. Now the delay in troop deployment is being extended while an exit strategy is being examined. I'm to the point I want to hear no more about how poorly the Bush administration handled Iraq. Obama is doing no better in his war of necessity.

Yesterday I stated my lack of regard for anything Sarah Palin including the opinion she is not nor ever will be Presidential material. I'm beginning to wonder the same about the man who currently holds the office.

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Anonymous said...

Why are these terrorists being given any "constitutional rights"? They committed an act of war which certainly does not rise to the level of "civil rights". This trial belongs in a military court, much like the Nuremburgh trials. If convicted, they will, under civil law, be entitled to the ad nauseum American appeals process. That could easily take 20 years.

Just another stumble along decision of Obamas. The ensuing three years of his term should terrify all Americans.