Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This Guy Isn't A Young Santa!

Forget the beard. Gifts you get from this guy would be better left unopened!

Okay. I'm over my vacation thoughts and am back in my "what can they possibly be thinking" mode. Like the pussy footing around the Fort Hood Massacre in attempt to make it something other than what it was. An Islamic act of terror.

My worry today, however, is the inanity of trying the September 11 terrorists and the mastermind behind it in our civilian courts, in New York City yet! Whoever made this decision is mad. Quite mad. Everyone involved in making it. All of them.

Look at the lead time they have given jihadis and jihadi wannabes already within the country to plan! I do not for one minute believe we can out think these people on how they might breech security.

I envision the entire city grinding to a halt. I envision several possible scenarios. Either the feds will close down the entire city for the duration of an open ended trial or everyone entering the city will have to pass through check points. Can you imagine the nightmare of that alone? Have you ever traveled to New York City? You have airports, bridges and tunnels. Can they all be adequately protected? At what expense?

Then there is the already faltering economy of the city. It would die. Who in their right mind would want to vacation there during that period? There goes tourism. Broadway. Restaurants. Shopping. Attractions. Not to mention services denied people who live there.

What New Yorker in their right mind wants this going on in their backyard?

Then there is the trial itself. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed wants to be his own attorney. That means he has the right to see every bit of classified information we have! That's just dandy. Especially if he happens to be acquitted or sprung by "friends". He could also be assassinated by those same friends to martyr him as a recruiting tool. Or they could cause mischief in other parts of the city, or country for that matter, while all eyes and security are focused on the trial.

Come on. You know how the media is going to act. It's going to be a circus. Like Michael Jackson's trial a few years back, or O.J.'s. And guess what? They both got off! It will only take one juror to deny the death penalty, no matter how strong the evidence. Then, if convicted at all, we'll get to support them for the rest of their lives.

It's time for Obama's apology tour to stop. We are at war. We have no obligation to bear our souls or anything else to anyone! They tell us this is to showcase our justice system to the rest of the world. To show them we're good people and fair. Who thought that up as a necessity? I'll buy into it when the countries these men came from do the same.

Let's change the meaning of "politically correct" to mean we do something that makes sense for this country rather than placating those who hate us!


Anonymous said...

The decision was Obamas. I know you meant to use "inanity". An equally accurate description would be "insanity".

grammyof13 said...

Lord have mercy on US the US. Have we not learned these people are crazy with a capital C???

Good post. Blessings.

Word Tosser said...

Why do they feel like they have to tell where they are doing this?
What happen to the loose lips, sink ships?
Or in this case, court buildings.. it isn't just the inside security, what about the bomb truck they will use in the front of the building on the street? Or where ever else they will do it.

Seem like it would have been easier to take everyone to Cuba and have it down there, at least they would have the whole Army to watch over them instead of wasting NY police, and county and state officers.

Margie's Musings said...

Actually the decision was the Attorney General's. Many are wondering why Obama was not consulted.

Dogwalk said...

MArgie, I would not bet a penny that Obama was not consulted. I don't think the AG has that kind of power.

Anonymous said...

If Obama didn't want this to happen...it would not have (happened). Not consulted...not likely.